The legendary Hay Festival is taking place this week, with TikTok right at the centre of the action as Digital Media Partner for the second year running.

There are tons of exciting Hay-related activities taking place in-app, including exclusive Hay content and behind the scenes access through the official @hayfestival TikTok account and the Hay Festival HubGiven it's a big week in the #BookTok world, who better to spotlight than #BookTok queen, @cultofbooks!

Coco is a source of reading inspiration, whether it's a day in the life with her books, books she's recently read, or her latest recommendations. She also happens to be hilarious, sharing content poking fun at her city roots as well as humour around book plots, perfect for book lovers looking for a laugh.

Not only is she a beloved #BookTok creator, but she is also at the Hay Festival this week. We've been enjoying her sneak peaks of the Festival so far, and we can't wait to see the rest of her content from her trip!

Before she left for Hay, we sat down with @cultofbooks to chat all things #BookTok, the inspiration behind her account, and her favourite creators on the platform.

We hope you are looking forward to Hay Festival Coco! What does BookTok mean to you? #BookTok has become my safe haven, I’ve made lifelong friends and found some incredible books that have changed my life.

What first inspired you to create content on TikTok?

My best friend encouraged me! She said that I'm funny and thought it would be great for me to explore and make a community that loves what I do. Best decision I’ve ever made!

What else is on your For You feed?

Obviously books, lots of #cottagecore content (always ready to move!) and new music.

Which other BookTok creators on TikTok inspire you?

Ayman (@ayamansbooks), Bri (@bookbaddiebri), Holly (@thecaffienatedreader), Tori (tjbookreviews), Adannia (@chaptersofchi). All of my friends honestly.

What is your favourite TikTok video you have made to date and why?

My review of Honey and Spice - I had such a visceral reaction to this book. I felt so seen and loved and I made it straight after finishing the book, so all of my endorphins were pumping!

@cultofbooks Lads this book has my soulf right now, 25 phes only!!!!! #booktok #romance #honeyandspice #books #blackromance #cultofbooks ♬ original sound - Coco

Finally, if you could recommend one summer read for us, what would it be?

Lovestruck by Laura Jane Williams and Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay (sorry I couldn’t pick one, both are awesome!)

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