Fabulous and feel-good creator Austyn Farrell's motto is 'what's life without a lip sync' and after watching his videos, we couldn't agree more. Austyn can take pretty much any sound and turn it into something hilarious!

From the experience of life under Lockdown to having one too many glasses of wine, Austyn has a comedy sketch for literally every situation, which are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

And that's not all, alongside these incredible skits, you'll find Austyn recreating iconic scenes from The musicals including The Greatest Showman and Aladdin (spoiler alert: Austyn plays Jasmin!), as well as sharing hilarious duets with other TikTokers.

Austyn is inspiring creativity both online and in the real world too . . . As well as entertaining TikTok, his street performances entertain the whole neighbourhood who now love to get involved!

If that wasn't enough to get you giggling, he also uses TikTok audios to share spot-on impersonations, think Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle and the Kardashians!

In our latest TikTok Creator Spotlight, we chatted with Austyn to ask how he began his journey on TikTok and get the low-down on all-things TikTok comedy...

What do you love most about TikTok?

The thing I love about TikTok is the joy and education it can bring to so many and the way it allows you to connect with people all around the world. It brings people together especially in these hard times.

Why is TikTok right for your content?

I feel TikTok is right for my content because I get to bring comedy and dance straight to audiences watching on the app who hopefully can be inspired to feel free and confident in whatever they do.

What is your favourite effect?

My favourite effect has to be ’soul’, I don’t think I have never not used it in a video of mine! I’ve probably used it around 30 times in one video – don’t judge me, its a great effect!

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal on TikTok is to inspire other people to dance because they love it and not for comments, likes and views. To me, dancing and truly enjoying life is about doing what you want to do because you love it, not for the applause, we aren’t all Lady Gaga! (see what I did there?) But in all seriousness the goal is just to be happy and spread smiles across the world.

What is on your For You Feed?

EVERYTHING IS ON MY FEED and I love it, I watch a lot of film recreations, dances, men falling in heels and lip syncs.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favourite TikTok I have ever made was the greatest showman lip sync and performance for my neighbours. I got to dance with my friends for the first time in a year after lock downs, I got to give the street a show and we all truly had such a incredible time doing it, I got to bring my vision to life….I even shed a tear I was so happy with how it went.

What do your neighbours think about your epic performances?

The neighbours absolutely love them, I have to knock on their doors or give them a text 10 mins before the performances so they can make sure they are able to get a good view of the performance! The street has really become so much closer over these lockdowns and the performances give us all a reason to talk and chat. Now we all share gifts on birthdays or special occasions and always have a lovely little chat when we see each other.