No idea where to start getting that stain out of your carpet? Feeling overwhelmed with admin? Then this week's creator spotlight is for you!

Meet @AnnRussell03 aka the 'TikTok Auntie'.

Ann uses TikTok to answer all your questions about the things you aren't quite sure about. So, if you've got an especially tough stain, are living alone for the first time and need a confidence boost, or you're trying to master household DIY, Ann is the creator to follow!

Not only does she share very necessary cleaning hacks, but she also gives some amazing life advice about how to keep energy costs down, gardening tips, and some simple hacks to fix household products.

And all of this advice is delivered with her much-loved no nonsense, down to earth and judgement-free approach - which is loved by people in the TikTok community and beyond. With a weekly 'Life Hacks' column in the Irish Examiner and a new book entitled 'How to Clean Everything: A Practical, Down to Earth Guide for Anyone who Doesn't Know where to Start', you can't miss Ann.

With a constantly growing audience of 2.3M followers at present, it is clear our community loves Ann just as much as we do!

We sat down with @AnnRussell03 this week to hear all her views on money saving advice, her TikTok content, and her favorite creators.

We love your content! If you could share one piece of money saving advice in January what would it be?

Remember you cannot buy your way out of a crisis. Make your own lunch and steer clear of shops!

What first inspired you to create on TikTok?

Stalking my teenage niece.

Have you been surprised by the response to your content?

That's an understatement - I'm stunned and slightly confused!

What is your goal on TikTok?

None really, other than hopefully to teach people a few things they did not know.

What other creators are on your For You feed?

@suzieedge, @johnleftofthecountryside, @domesticblisters, a couple of hospice nurses, @underthedesknews and the @metoffice!

What do you love most about the TikTok community?

It's both supportive and educational - as long as you interact with the right creators.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

I'm not really sure to be honest, probably the first one I ever did with Hollie reacting to fireworks.

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