At TikTok, we're incredibly proud of the millions of inspiring women on our platform, all of whom bring creativity, talent and strength to our amazing community. Spanning entrepreneurship, music, sport, beauty, activism and so much more, women on TikTok are making their voices heard in a myriad of ways, on the platform and beyond.

So this year, to celebrate International Women's Day, and as part of TikTok's mission to consistently support, spotlight and recognise the diversity and strength of women, we're highlighting 15 incredible women trailblazers who are using TikTok to share their experiences, talent and strength with our community, supporting the progression of women in the UK and around the world.

Let's meet the women making an impact on TikTok, challenging stereotypes and inspiring creativity!

TikTok's Women Trailblazers! 🔥

Vic Jamieson (471k followers) (She/her)

Vic is our resident guitar girl who regularly shares videos of her rocking her guitar with the community, encouraging more women to play. Check out her page for her best fits and makeup tips too.

Jess Megan (412k followers)

Jess is all about body positivity, and regularly encourages women to feel happy in their body and skin. Whether it is opening up about her own body positivity journey, or giving us serious style inspo, Jess is a force to be reckoned with. Our favourite video of hers is where she shares a message that bodies are beautiful.

Ambika Dhir (118.2k followers)

A huge advocate of having fun with fashion, Ambika draws her outfit inspiration from art, TV shows and sometimes even her mum's closet! With an eye on sustainability, you'll often sport Ambika challenging herself to create looks styling one item in countless different ways. You'll also see her taking a stand and speaking up for more representation of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in the fashion industry.

Eleanor Medhurst (46.6k followers) (she/her)

Want to learn more about LGBTQIA+ history in a fun and engaging way? Say no more, Ellie is your girl! She shares the history of lesbian hair and where the word lesbian originated from as her channel spotlights the Lesbian experience. We can't wait to read her book that's being published this year.

Yammy (1.2million followers)

Yammy is our resident gamer girl putting female gamers on the map. She regularly shares simple videos to encourage everyone to get into the world of gaming and cosplay.

Hannah (31.2k followers)

Hannah is a fashion and Formula 1 content creator. In a male dominated sports arena, she shows the importance of women taking space and we are so here for it! Check out her 'the' video of her biggest pinch me moment so far, along with her F1 highlights.

Tegan Vincent-Cooke (478.6k followers)

Makeup fanatic and aspiring Paralypian Tegan has been raising awareness with our community about what it is like to live with celebral palsy. She shows the importance of living your best life even if it looks slightly different, not letting societal standards hold her back and showcasing her regular Starbucks outings!.

SugarCoatedSisters (237.3k followers)

Funny sisters Tabby and Chloe are a musical comedy duo from Brighton. After both getting dumped, they started posting TikTok parody videos about heartbreak, and have been making us chuckle with their comedy content ever since! Taking on tough topics like misogyny with their unique comedy style, they shine a light on the issues facing women in today's world.

FatsTimbo (2.4 million followers)

A true live your best life and look good whilst doing it advocate, Fatima creates the most relatable and witty content that will get you coming back for more! Fatima has also been sharing her dwarfism story and constantly speaks out about the importance of representation and diversity of womanhood. Small but mighty, we can't wait to see what Fats has in store for us next!

Tolu (35.9k followers)

Tolu is our resident #BookTok queen. Providing no nonsense and down to earth reviews that will persuade you to try out her recommendations. When she's not reviewing books, she's spotlighting books by black authors and encouraging others in the community to read, learn and share their experiences of being a black woman.

Ellie May (21.6k followers)

Ellie May is a 21 year old Premiership Rugby player for the DMP Sharks, showing our community the importance of representation and women in Rugby and how tough women really are. Whether it is showing off her rugby tricks or explaining the rules of the game, she constantly shares the joy of playing rugby and we love it!

Maliha Abidi (She/her) (93.7k followers)

Maliha is a feminist, artist, author and activist, as well as a medical neuroscience student. She is all about sharing the voices of women that are underrepresented in mainstream media on her channel. Her book about 100 stories of women of colour spotlights this message, demonstrating that diversity is power.

Stephy Fung (99.3k followers)

Stephy is one of our resident cool fashion designers on TikTok, a 3D artist that shares her incredible designs with the community. When she's not designing a fashion line, she's sharing her knowledge and educating others on what it takes to be a 3D artist, inspiring women on TikTok to turn their passion for art into careers.

Modestlystrong (489.6k followers)

Sister duo Gul and Halima are comedy geniuses that show how important representation is. Whether it is their hilariously relatable skits or videos promoting asian attire, they entertain the TikTok community while educating too. And we love their supportive sisterhood - the duo are always using their videos to show their relationship with each other and spotlight their faith.

Bloodyhonest (501.2k followers)

As honest as they get, Kathryn shares information about periods and taboo subjects for people who want a space to learn, share and support one another. Enjoy her video crash course about period products or listen to her frank conversation about her first period.

To continue the celebration for International Women's Day, we'll also be curating content for the TikTok Discover Page using daily and weekly themes.

Here's how you can get involved and celebrate the strong, inspiring women in your life:

WomenOfTikTok and Guest Playlists 

Look out for our WomenOfTikTok playlists, featuring some of the most inspirational tracks you need to celebrate womanhood this Interational Women's Day. We'll be launching guest playlists too from the likes of BRIT Award Rising Star winner Griff amongst others.

Hashtag Challenges

We are also curating hashtags for women to get involved and share their stories of strength, support and inspiration.

#WomenOfTikTok. - We’re celebrating the power and strength of women on TikTok. Women of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes are using TikTok every day to entertain, inspire, educate and motivate. Here’s to the #WomenOfTikTok! Raise your voice and share your story.

#EndViolenceAgainstWomen - We must #EndViolenceAgainstWomen to create a gender equal world. Use your voice and share what we can do to create a safer world of women and girls everywhere

#IAmWoman -  I am woman, I am fearless...

#BlackGirlMagic -  From flaunting your #BlackGirlMagic to cherishing the joy of Black Women, show us your love and appreciation!

#BreakTheBias - Imagine a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

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