At TikTok, we're committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for our community to share their stories and connect, listen and learn from one another. This year, we're recognising the collective visibility and power of the LGBTQIA+ community on TikTok helping us to feel stronger, safer, and celebrating Pride, together.

This year, we're proud to be partnering with Manchester PRIDE on Friday 26 August, bringing the diversity, activism, love and joy of this important event to millions more of our community on TikTok!

Here's what to look forward to on the day....

❤️ Join us at The TikTok Sanctuary

At the heart of the Manchester Pride village the TikTok Sanctuary will be a safe and sober space, allowing Pride attendees to take some quiet time for themselves, to reflect and connect with the community.

Visit our #TikTokUnpacks Mirror Booth in the Sanctuary to create your own unique video message sharing what Pride means to you, for your chance to be featured on the #TikTokUnpacks hub.

Make sure you pick up some exclusive TikTok swag and relax at our beauty refreshment stations, whether you need a quick hand massage after all the waving and clapping, or even a pep up of your Pride makeup look with Manchester based make-up artist and drag queen @kardiblacmua.

🌈 Catch us on the Pride March

But the celebrations don't stop there, we'll also have 100 TikTok employees and creators walking alongside our incredible TikTok float through Manchester. Make sure you keep an eye out for some of our creators en route!

Each one of our 16 flags which our walkers will be waving on the day hold a personal message from our LGBTQIA+ Creator Trailblazers for the Manchester LGBTQIA+ community.

📣 Share your Pride story with #ForYourPride.

The power of our TikTok community lies within the individual and diverse voices who are driving culture, influence and inspiration within the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond to share their stories. Join us on the day, from wherever you are in the UK, to share your Pride story with the hashtag #ForYourPride and check out the hub on TikTok.

👑 Spot our LGBTQIA+ creators on billboards around Manchester!

Videos from our amazing LGBTQIA+ creators will be playing across 38 screens in and around Manchester. From the iconic Piccadilly Gardens through to the Gateway Piccadilly. See if you can spot them!

Follow the LGTQIA+ TikTok creators who will be there on the day

@benjy_lookbook (He/Him)

Benjy has built a safe, inclusive space for learning and wellness. Be it showing us how to be part of the self love club, to how to fight microaggressions as an ally, and explaining ways to fight everyday racism .

@itsMillyEvans (They/She)

Milly is a sex educator and author on TikTok who's set on shedding a light on sexual health topics. From her videos on safe sex to educating the community on what healthy dynamics in a relationship look like, it's clear to see why they're a well loved educator in our community!

@masonblakee (He/Him)

Mason is our favourite creator who is keen on entertaining the community with a healthy dose of humour and reaction videos which is guaranteed to get anyone belly laughing. More importantly, Beyonce knows who he is, even more reason to love him.

@scarysappho (They/She)

Onyinye is the ultimate source for all your style and makeup needs! From cool crochet bags and dramatic eyes to their signature #BlackVampire #DarkCottagecore look, Onyinye shares their creativity with our community. They also tackle taboos and bust myths about what it is like being a black non-binary lesbian in today's world, including opening up about their autism experience and educating us on pronouns.

@evolutionofelliot (He/They)

Elliot is an actor from London who has been raising awareness of the LGBTQ+ community through his engaging content - including attending Pride Month and what you call a LGBTQ+ roadman. He's also been open about his experience as a deaf person, and connecting on issues with his followers such as the best hearing aids to buy for a young person.

@wolfgangkook (They/Them)

After some some of the most dream worthy content on TikTok? Shiraz is the one to follow! From perfect weekends to days out at Soho House, we can't get enough of their epic adventures! Their relatable lesbian content has also won them a number of fans, and it's clear to see why!

@djkrystallake (She/Her)

Krystal is an LGBTQIA+ activist who uses her platform to teach the things schools don't cover. She calls out homophobia and racism as well as educating her followers on the issues facing marginalised groups and moments in history that have impacted women, people of colour and the LGBTQIA+ community.

@BelPriestley (She/Her)

Bel is an LGBTQIA+ TikTok creator and transgender woman who users her page to raise awareness of trans issues all the while making her followers laugh! From clothing hauls to comedy sketches, as well as the challenges she faces, Bels has created a fun-filled, open space that brings people together to laugh and cry at life's ups and downs as well as discuss and educate the community about what life as a trans woman is like.

@cole_abbie (Both She/Her)

Parents Cole and Abbie share all the fun that's involved in parenting and we're so here for it. From sharing funny moments when your crush holds your hand, to completely wholesome moments that are guaranteed to melt your heart, Cole and Abi's content is everything and more. And by sharing family milestones with our community and the most relatable content, it's clear to see why our community loves them!

@mrspotatoqueen  (She/Her)

Shaz uses TikTok to share her experiences of being Muslim and LGBTQ+ with her followers. Alongside this, she has also used her platform to connect with other LGBTQ+ Muslims to talk about their identity and connect a community, something which we couldn't agree more with!

@cheethamswithdreams (Both She/Her)

Becky is a 23 year old children’s nurse and her 25 year old sister Hannah was born with cerebral palsy. Together, they often answers questions about Hannah’s condition on TikTok as they believe in having open and honest discussions about disabilities to open up the conversation and inspire and spread awareness of cerebral palsy.

@ilyaselyn (She/Her)

After some outfit inspo or date worthy makeup looks? Ilya is the girl to follow! Alongside this, she's been using her platform to shine a light on the realities of living as a trans woman, as well as why she is is trans and proud.

@kiwinut47 (Both She/Her)

If you're after a laugh, be sure to check out Amara and Keira's content. From fun days out to falling asleep on each other, their content is hilarious and a much needed positivity boost in equal measure. Talk about couple goals!

Diversity is an integral part of what makes our community on TikTok so special. We're humbled and honoured to be part of our community's path to Pride in Manchester and beyond! We're inspired to continue building experiences to keep TikTok a safe and inspiring place to spend time, support others, and embrace your personal journey to Pride.

This year, we invite our community and allies to celebrate Pride around the world however they choose - whether that's through sharing their stories, connecting with one another, or listening to learn - and expressing Pride Together.

New to TikTok and want to explore more Pride content? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon!