Tech has taken over TikTok. The platform is now THE place for consumers to discover new gadgets and must-have items they never knew they needed, whether to enhance day-to-day tasks or outdoor gear for their upcoming adventure, and tech- experts apeman kick-starting their latest campaign #SeekAdventure on TikTok, too.

Driven by the thirst for adventure and exploration, apeman prides itself on being the brand made by explorers for explorers. Born at the crossroads of the great outdoors and the love of gadgets and technology, the vision for the brand is simple – products that are innovative with no compromise. apeman is offering a variety of geek-worthy gadgets for all occasions, whether you are hiking up the mountains or keen on setting up your very own home-cinema system, you can find the large catalogue of products via the apeman TikTok Shop.

The campaign will be live from the 5th till the 15th of June 2022. The #SeekAdventure campaign will feature a whole host of shoppable short videos and LIVE shopping events in partnership with apeman and some of the top tech creators on the platform who will run you through the brand’s best products and their key features.

Keep your eyes peeled for collaborations with @Apeman_UK, @heytechman and @tech_on_trend plus other top creators from the tech and gadget space. apeman also invites the community to join in for the campaign on TikTok by sharing a short video with #SeekAdventure. apeman has previously collaborated with cyclist creators such as BikeFolded, RunPlayBack, Pat Smage and Nick Bruce. Feel free to check out their reviews to find out more about SEEKER R1 and the SEEKER ONE.

To keep updated about #SeekAdventure, apeman products and news, please stay tuned to the website or follow them on social media at @apeman_official. You can also search up ‘apeman’ or #SeekAdventure to discover more about the campaign on TikTok.

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