TikTok allows artists and creators connect, collaborate, and make creative content that everyone can enjoy. Normally, someone wouldn't be able to reach a famous singer/songwriter from the comfort of their home, but these interactions are possible on TikTok. This collaborative spirit reached new highs with Charlie Puth creating a new song using TikTok's duet feature. The process for making the song started when Charlie uploaded a TikTok with an instrumental song captioned "Tic toc help me name this." 

Misspellings aside, the TikTok community took this challenge to the next level and not only tried naming the song, but started adding their own lyrics to make the instrumental a completed song. The hashtag #writethelyrics began trending and soon countless lyrics were being submitted to Charlie for the song. 

After watching the top videos, Charlie chose his favorite lyrics and sang them in a duet to create an original song and round out one of the largest collaborations seen on TikTok.