On TikTok, people have found creative ways to be their authentic selves while finding unique opportunities to connect with communities that share similar interests and passions. Our platform provides businesses and creators with a way to reach and engage new audiences, be a part of the community, and a space to express their creativity. We continue to develop tools and resources that reflect our stance on being transparent with our community in various capacities.

Branded content is subject to our Branded Content Policies. We published Branded Content Policies on our website at the end of May to support the beta test of the Branded Content (BC) Toggle in select regions. Branded content could be a brand endorsement, partnership or other kind of promotion of product or service. Creators on TikTok are redefining entertainment, starting trends, and sharing with the world their take on popular products and services. The BC toggle enables creators to prominently and seamlessly disclose when there is an exchange of value to influence the creation of the post. When enabled, the toggle adds a disclosure (for example, #Ad) to the description of the video. If creators include a disclosure in the video description (for example, #Ad or #Sponsored), a pop up will appear on the video prompting the creator to turn on the toggle.

The Branded Content toggle is available for accounts with over 10k followers in select testing regions and will be rolling out globally in time as a way to make it even easier to disclose branded content on the platform. We expect creators to use the toggle when it becomes available to them. While the toggle is not yet available globally, creators are still expected to clearly disclose to the community when they're posting branded content.

Branded Content Policies are separate from and different to our Ad Policies. Some things which cannot be promoted as branded content can be promoted in paid ads. As we continue to launch, expand and develop the availability of the Branded Content toggle, we are committed to helping our community and brands stay safe and informed. We take serious steps to ensure we're fostering a positive experience for everyone on the platform.