TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy through the short videos on our platform. This spirit is brought to life by our tremendous community of creators who infuse their positivity and imagination into the content they create, and today we're thrilled to spotlight many of them in the most recent edition of our "You're in Control" safety series.

"You're in Control" is an educational videos series that presents TikTok's safety and privacy controls in an accessible and easy to understand fashion. Educating our users on the options we provide to help them craft their optimal TikTok experience is one of our top priorities. We created this fun, short-form video series and incorporated several beloved creators to educate users about safety in the TikTok format they're accustomed to viewing. The videos can be accessed directly in-app @TikTokTips.

"TikTok is committed to building a positive environment where creativity radiates and everyone feels safe," said Kudzi Chikumbu, Director of Creator Community, TikTok. "For our newest You're in Control videos, we went straight to the source of creativity and partnered with our creators who make TikTok so fun. Our in-app controls are designed to keep TikTok welcoming for everyone and we love showcasing these creators' enthusiasm to help keep our community safe."

Twelve creators from several countries took part in making the latest edition of "You're in Control" safety videos and each one of them added something unique to the filming process to make these videos amazing and authentically TikTok.

"Working with TikTok to help educate users on safety features was rewarding. It feels great to help other TikTok users make the platform as safe as possible, while having as much fun as they can coming from someone that loves spending so much time on there," said Sarah Lugor, also known on TikTok as @Shreksdumpster. "It was awesome to get to work with some of the people behind the app that obviously care about user safety and want to see everyone thrive."

The "You're in Control" video series educates users about topics including:

  • Choosing who can duet with you: Told through the lens of a music jam session, this video illustrates how you can disable duets or enable the feature just for friends.
  • Reporting inappropriate behavior: Taking place on a bus ride with a comically inappropriate passenger, this video shows you how to use the in-app reporting feature.
  • Blocking a user: Want to turn off the peanut gallery? This tutorial shows you how you can block an individual user from following, seeing your content, or contacting you.
  • Filtering comments: Told using a delicious can of TikTokios, this video shows how you can automatically filter words from appearing in your comments – or in the video, the words in your bowl of tastiness.
  • Keeping TikTok positive: TikTok is commitment to building an environment for positive creativity, and this video illustrates how to stand up or your community by reporting bullying or harassment.

These videos complement the previously-released 7 videos that educate on topics including choosing a private account, enabling commenting and messaging controls, and setting screen time limits.

Watch the full "You're in Control" video series on the @TikTokTips account, and check out the diverse group of creators who worked on the latest project: @nathanpiland, @d_damodel, @juniortvine, @Stevenmckell, @supershaund, @ourfire, @thedawndishsoap, @katjaglieson, @mahoganylox, @chanydakota, @shreksdumpster, @christinebarger.

This is the second set of videos in TikTok's "You're in Control" safety video series. Check out the first collection of videos here.