TikTok creators fill their shelves with the #Restock trend. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: #Restock

The #Restock trend is a perfect combination of oddly satisfying visuals and aspirational home decor.

Restocking videos feature creators restocking their homes in aesthetically pleasing ways. Whether it's refilling soap containers, perfectly organizing toilet paper, or just investing in absurd amounts of clear plastic boxes, each video provides a bit of entertainment while also providing an aspirational contrast to our own personal methods of organization. In addition, each video makes the most of TikTok's editing features, typically speeding up the refilling and syncing it to a track or leaning into ASMR and emphasizing natural sounds around the home.

This trend shows how videos and categories that implement best practices engage the TikTok community. #Restock uses immediately engaging starts, long video lengths, and an oddly satisfying nature to keep users locked in and waiting to see what comes next.


Random refills & restocks around the house🤩Thank y’all so much for 5M followers I love every single one of you! 🥲🥰 #refill #restock #asmr #momlife

♬ original sound - Catherine Benson

Notable Video

Hot Track: Beggin'

Måneskin's rendition of the classic song "Beggin'" has swept through TikTok, becoming one of the top sounds thanks to its catchy buildup and sharp beats. The composition offers opportunities to sync cuts and transitions to create engaging content across all categories.


you asked, i deliver ✋✨ pls watch till the end! (i used facepaint btw) [ib: @liewefok // @leyla.tavas ]

♬ Beggin' - Måneskin

Hot Effect: Photo Animation

The Photo Animation creative effect brings pictures to life by adding movement to the subject's face. Though initially created for pictures, creators have found that the effect works on reflections and even paintings.

Creator Spotlight: @max_randolph_studios

Max Randolph is a talented, creative blacksmith who has devoted half of his life "to the expansion and expression of forged steel." Working out of his studio in California, Randolph showcases his works through video, showing the immense amount of time and artistic commitment that it takes to forge amazing creations by hand. His works range from delicate, smaller pieces to mammoth endeavors including a fully functioning Hobbit door. You can follow along in his process as Max shares updates with the TikTok community.

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