TikTok creators use the new Green Screen Scan effect to create several unique trends. Take a deeper look at the content with this new feature in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #GreenScreenScan

At TikTok, we love providing utility when it comes to the Creative Effects offered to our users. Previously, we've shown how Green Screen and Time Warp Scan provided users with tools they could interpret in any number of ways. That theme continued over the last several weeks as users embraced our newly released Green Screen Scan, a new Creative Effect that combines two of the most-used features in-app.

With Green Screen Scan, users select a photo from their camera roll (just like in Green Screen) and are then "scanned" into the selected image (similar to Time Warp Scan).

At first, a single format known as the "Renaissance Challenge" gained popularity utilizing the effect before it was released globally. Users would pose in front of Renaissance art and be "scanned" into the painting. These videos became so popular that users without access to the feature went to great lengths to develop their own workflows to achieve the same effect. Oftentimes this meant downloading multiple applications and working with image editing software to achieve the desired look. Eventually, the Creative Effect was launched worldwide, with some users expressing excitement and comedic frustration that they had spent hours on a video, only for TikTok to launch the same effect.

What's really interesting though, is the way in which the Creative Effect has been used since launch. While the Renaissance Challenge was extremely popular at first, multiple micro-trends have popped up in the last few weeks. In these trends, users have posed with their younger selves, created mock meet and greet photos with celebrities, and even made family photos with relatives who have passed on.

Seeing how users utilize this and other popular effects is always inspiring and emphasizes that everyone in our community can be a creator.

Notable Video


Good morning❣️ Wake up with gratitude today :) Spread positivity & love always 🌟

♬ LINK IN BIO - Pudgywoke

Hot Track: drivers license

Olivia Rodrigo's new hit "drivers license" dropped January 8 and nearly doubled in creations and video views within the first week on the platform and has been growing since. The song blends authentic, emotional lyrics with amazing vocals to create the current #1 Billboard Top 100 song that has inspired countless TikTok creators to express themselves. Videos that use the song or speculate on the lyrics have taken off, helping #driverslicense cross 1 billion views.

Hot Effect: Time Warp Waterfall

Time Warp Waterfall is a fresh take on the classic Time Warp effect that offers users a new way to show off their creativity by thinking outside the box of what can be done with this exciting effect.


Thought I’d try this trend with 2 different colored eyes ##fyp ##foryou ##eyes

♬ Follow Me - Shamar Midgett

Creator Spotlight: @spencerx

Spencer Polanco Knight is a Beatbox artist from Manhattan whose growth on TikTok over the past year has been explosive, receiving support from millions of followers and fans. Spencer is particularly passionate about spreading awareness of beatboxing as a mainstream music medium.


BTS of me beatboxing a cover 🎶😝

♬ original sound - Spencer X

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