TikTok users capture moments of regret with #OhNo! Take a deeper look at content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects. 

Current Top Trend: #OhNo

A combination of music and impending disaster dominated TikTok this week as incredible failures and surgically-cut reactions sparked the #OhNo trend.

The earliest rendition of the trend popped up in early September with a series of Gaming videos. Creators uploaded gameplay footage depicting the moment before a player lands a perfect sniper shot, set to a song from rapper Capone, titled "Oh No." With each video, the frame would freeze just before the shot landed and the lyrics "oh no" were sung.

Over time, this trend expanded outside of Gaming, as users followed the same format to show their own real life disasters. In each of these IRL examples, users followed the same cues: Capone's track, the freeze frame, and the pixelated zoom.

Particularly notable is the creation flow required for these videos. While they seem relatively straightforward, they do implement a variety of TikTok features, including Green Screen, Green Screen Video, and additional in-app editing tricks.

This trend shows how TikTok's many notable niche communities can interact with one another through trends. The fact that this trend started in Gaming is more evidence of the constant interaction, reinterpretation, and cross-pollination that exists within the fluid interests of TikTok's users.

Notable Video

Hot Track: Ice Dance (From "Edward Scissorhands")

Ashton Gleckman's "Ice Dance" provides a dreamy sound that has driven a trend on TikTok where users turn themselves into a Tim Burton character with the help of the Time Warp Scan effect. Even if they aren't taking part in the trend, this sound sets the tone for many different styles of video from stories to pet footage. 

Hot Effect: Green Screen Eyes and Mouth

Creators can give anything a personality with this new, hilarious effect. 

Creator Spotlight: @lifeofadoctor

Dr. Fayez, a healthcare professional, has quickly gained a dedicated following since starting his TikTok journey in fall of 2019. Many of his videos depict him mythbusting common misconceptions within healthcare, or giving his audience a glimpse on his everyday life as a doctor.

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