TikTok creators follow Lil Nas X's in content creation. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: Lil Nas X & MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

A special call-out this week for the release of Lil Nas X's latest track, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), and its domination of the TikTok trending ecosystem. From igniting a variety of trends, to nonstop posts from Lil Nas X himself, the TikTok community embraced the track while simultaneously celebrating the success of an artist who got their start on TikTok.

Artist participation and engagement with the larger TikTok community helps drive trends and formats, such as with John Mayer and #GuitarTok last week. The success of MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) shows how and already popular song can be further ignited by nearly nonstop artist content on platform. From curating his favorite TikTok videos, to sharing his reaction to tweets about the song, Lil Nas X was relentless in his content creation and magnified the track through his own authentic personality so content felt natural to the community. In fact, through dozens of videos uploaded to his own account, Lil Nas X earned more than 200 million views in a week.

The trends and content produced around MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) shows how authentic and genuine participation with the community by an artist can pay dividends.

Notable Video

Hot Effect: Delayed Beats

Delayed Beats synchronizes a series of still images to the beat of any song from TikTok's sounds library. Delayed Beats recreates a freeze-frame effect that's already popular on TikTok while aligning transitions to the beat of added music. Diplo recently used this effect in a video that featured his new song "One By One (featuring Elderbrook and Andhim)," which he previewed on TikTok a week and a half before release.


Told @tiktok I’d give them my new track early in exchange for an effect

♬ One By One (feat. Elderbrook & Andhim) - Diplo

Creator Spotlight: @feelgoodfoodie

Yumna Jawad joined TikTok by word of mouth from her close-knit food community. She believes food shouldn't only taste good, it should make you feel good. Yumna food vlogs on TikTok.


Chicken noodle soup - Middle Eastern style. It’s all about the vermicelli noodles and lemon juice! #learnontiktok #recipes #chickennoodlesoup

♬ original sound - Feel Good Foodie

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