Every month, users create unique, engaging content and of the countless videos made, a select few resonate with the community to spawn TikTok trends. Over the past month TikTok users have found creative ways to stay active and express themselves by using the daily tasks of staying home, watching TV, and playing videogames as the source of inspiration. They've connected with each other through common interests and used humor to poke fun at their current living conditions and congregate virtually around their favorite moments in pop culture. These top trends reveal a common thread of experience among users as they turn lemons into lemonade to stay happy at home. 

That plus we look at how one creative effect is letting users dance in the palm of their hand and shine a light on one creator who's vegan recipes and loving attitude have helped her become TikTok's caring mom. 

Top 3 Trends

  1. #RandomThings

When @her.atlas posted a video titled "Random Things in my Japanese home that just make sense!" she didn't know she would start one of the biggest trends of 2020 so far. The American expat living in Japan toured her home, describing the unique characteristics of Japanese homes that many users in the US might be unfamiliar with, including vented doors in kitchens and the use of sliding doors to maximize hallway space. The initial post was well received by the TikTok community, prompting @her.atlas to continue to series and other TikTok creators to make their own #RandomThings videos. With both earnest and sarcastic replications of the format, users have showcased their own homes with videos including "random things in their college apartments," to "random things that absolutely don't make sense." 


DAY 4 🏡 ##hometour ##lifeabroad ##japanthings posting 1 video a day until I run out of fun things to show you :) IG @her.atlas

♬ 아무노래(Any song) - kozico0914

  1. #TigerKing

Tiger King hit Netflix at a moment when we needed an escape from the banality of indoor living and the popularity of the show tore into TikTok like it was expired meat from a Walmart truck. As soon as users finished binge watching the show, they took to TikTok with memes, songs, and hilarious takes on the big cat collectives. One of the first videos on the topic, by user @taystern, shared the results of her family throwing a Tiger King-themed dinner. TikTok and Netflix worked together to have #TigerKing on the Discover tab and classics like the "Carol Baskin Savage Remix" were born. The hype from Tiger King has spilled across the internet with TikTok being the Tiger King king. 

  1. #AnimalCrossing

Nintendo released it's newest instalment of Animal Crossing when homebound consumers needed a way to spend their newfound free time. The latest release in an extremely popular series, the TikTok community has embraced the game and created a massive amount of content related to the title including remixing a song from the game, showing off building skills, or using characters to participate in other trends.  #AnimalCrossing and #acnh tags. 



♬ original sound - maybe.itsmk

The most watched video of the month

Top Effect: Freeze Frame

This month, #FreezeFrame jumped into the top as this months-old Creative Effect finally thawed out and heated up like that frozen lasagna you've been saving. Extremely simple to use, the Creative Effect allows a user to 'freeze' their video while recording, maintaining a consistent background which they're then able to interact with, similar to Green Screen. Once users discovered how the effect could be used for memes, creativity took over launching a slew of unique videos like this one from Dillon Francis. Video creation with the Freeze Frame effect has evolved into users dancing on their own hands, recreating film studio logos, or just "looking like quarantine snacks." 


I gotta credit @chloetalia for the inspiration here. Using this song, genius 😭💀 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##peterpan ##tinkerbell

♬ Theme from "Twilight (Bella's Lullaby)" - Movie Sounds Unlimited

This Month's Hottest TikTok Track: Toosie Slide

Toosie Slide's "left foot, right foot" lyrics inspired a simple dance trend that sent the track soaring with 1b views within a week on TikTok driving Drake's song to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


New dance called ##toosieslide :) unreleased Drake too 🦉

♬ original sound - officialayoteo

Creator Spotlight: @iamtabithabrown

Vegan chef and well-loved personality Tabitha Brown connected with 1.7M followers over the last few months after the surging popularity of her cooking videos. Her rapid rise on TikTok also landed her a deal with top talent agency CAA. With her soothing voice and positive attitude it's easy to see why users love TikTok's mom, but that's their business. 


Sushi lovers, this for you! Spicy UnTuna roll anyone? This is one of my favorite low carb recipes using carrot pulp! ##tabithabrown

♬ original sound - iamtabithabrown