Alternative music and musicians are a major part of what makes TikTok rock. Whether it's accomplished musicians like @tobeepaik grabbing their guitars and shredding their favorite songs or classic rock anthems–such as ELO's bright and sunny "Mr. Blue Sky," used as a soundtrack for videos across different content types, the Tiktok community loves alternative rock music and is eager to support artists that are engaged on the app. That's why we're proud to launch #AltRocktober, featuring special in-app events and content throughout the month of October, to pay tribute to artists new and old, who continue to push rock music and culture to new heights.

AltRocktober kicks off with special LIVE events including "AltRocktober LIVE," taking place every Friday at 1pm PT featuring live performances from artist accounts, and "AltRocktober Sound Off," taking place Fridays at noon PT featuring an open format, interactive live stream where artists can interact directly with fans. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer will be leading off these exciting events by going live this Friday at 1pm PT through his personal account.


I gotta come up with something entertaining for ##AltRocktober

♬ original sound - Rivers Cuomo

Be sure to check out #AltRocktober all month to see new, up-and-coming, and established musicians take their talents to TikTok and help make October Rocktober.