Avengers Endgame smashed box office records this week and sparked countless videos on TikTok featuring the excitement and emotions leading up to, during, and after the biggest movie in history. With Infinity War recaps, incredibly detailed cosplays, and a healthy chunk of dancing, see how users celebrated the Endgame.

There's never been a buildup quite like the on to endgame and fans prepared in their own way. Whether it was a recap of Infinity War, character costumes, or just being excited, these fans were ready to finally see the conclusion to the MCU (phases 1-3).

  1. Lego recap of Infinity War

2. Avengers makeup tutorial

3. Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay

4. Thanos costume dancing  

5. I'm ready for Endgame  


Once the movie was over, countless fans across the world were feeling emotional.

  1. Endgame's emotional reaction  

2. Girls crying after Endgame

3. I love you 3000


Creators in the TikTok community are kind enough to give spoiler warnings before they jump into these videos focusing on key moments in Endgame.

  1. Endgame jokes that contain spoilers but users giving a heads up

2. Which Thor do you love?


Avengers Endgame was a massive cultural moment in cinema history and we're happy to give Marvel's fans an outlet to share their thoughts and excitement with the community.


Additional videos:

  1. Computer animated Ironman getting hyped

2. Working Ironman Cosplay

3. IGN purple carpet