TikTok is a platform that fosters creativity in video creation, allowing users to apply a variety of effects to produce content that is outside the box. Despite having access to several filters and editing features, text was limited to captions. Ever the resourceful set, creators wrote on loose paper, taped labels to themselves, and took to editing outside the app in order to add on text to to the video frame.

TikTok has answered the calls - and handwritten letters - to put text on top of the visual medium. Now it's easier than ever to create this type of engaging content. To help users make the videos they've envisioned, TikTok developed a native text editing feature that creators can use inside the app. No longer will creators need to jump through hoops to get text into their videos.

To use the text editing feature:

  1. Tap the text icon on the video editing page
  2. Type your text
  3. Choose the color and font you prefer
  4. Change the size and position
  5. Choose when the text will appear and vanish

Adding text to videos have never been easier. As users continue to discover new needs to further their content creation, we'll continue to provide tools that improve the TikTok experience.