The #LearnOnTikTok community is made up of teachers, scientists, chefs, beekeepers, doctors, makeup artists, and many more experts in their fields. On the app, #LearnOnTikTok has nearly 60 billion video views and continues to grow, showing just how much our community enjoys videos that are informative, educational, or useful.

To further learning on TikTok and bring more value to the app experience, we're partnering with Quizlet, the popular online study platform, to provide another way for creators and learners to explore topics and ideas they're interested in and want to learn more about. Quizlet's award-winning learning tools, including digital flashcards and games, and a massive variety of user-generated study materials, allow anyone to learn anything, which is why we're thrilled to be able to bring some of the Quizlet learning experience to more people on TikTok.

Select creators, focused on learning and informative content, will soon begin to see an option to add a Quizlet link about educational subjects such as science, math, languages, arts, and more. To add a Quizlet link to a video, simply click “Add Link” during the creation process and a dropdown menu will show an option to select Quizlet. Once the link is added to a video, viewers will be able to click on the link to open Quizlet Flashcards, providing an opportunity for users to learn more about the subject or topic in the video.

In fact, educators who have created their own study sets on Quizlet will be able to share them as flashcards on their TikTok videos, creating an effective way to integrate their teaching materials and reach students in new ways.

We love the unique and creative ways creators use TikTok to teach and share information, and we’ll continue to support creators looking to make learning fun and accessible on TikTok. We launched the TikTok Creative Learning Fund in 2020 to bring more learning material to TikTok and now, with Quizlet, we’re excited to see how else the TikTok community teaches and learns on TikTok!


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