May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time for people to come together to help destigmatize mental illness through education, advocacy and support. Millions of people are affected by some form of mental illness every year in the US. With current social distancing measures and the daily stress of the uncertainty of COVID-19, it's even more important for each of us to focus on our own mental health while also supporting each other through these challenging times.

Fostering a supportive conversation around mental health means hearing firsthand from people who have experience managing through these challenges or who have been professionally trained to help others. To show support for the broader TikTok community during this particularly hard time, and to honor Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite anyone who's interested to share their stories, fight the stigma, educate the community, and advocate for others by using the hashtag #MentalHealthAwareness

TikTok Creators will also be taking over our Instagram account to share their personal stories of how they've managed their own mental health, and to offer advice on topics related to the importance of caring for yourself during challenging times.  

  • Monday 5/4: @Nabela will be discussing body positivity and self-love. 
  • Tuesday 5/5: Medical professional @DrLeslie will cover the important topic of mental mealth during isolation in quarantine.
  • Wednesday5/6: @probablythis will give tips on how we can all better support each other while practicing self-care and self-love.
  • Friday 5/8: And @babyariel will be talking about her experience managing her mental health while pursuing a career in social media.