Effects have quickly become a cornerstone of the TikTok experience. Since launching the Effect House beta last year, thousands of effect creators have brought joy, showcased incredible creativity, and inspired trends across TikTok with imaginative, explosively popular, and truly unique creations.

Today, we're highlighting some of the talented creative minds behind the effects beloved across TikTok, celebrating the brilliance, ingenuity, and impact of the ever-growing and vibrant Effect House community.


  • @lauragouillon - As an AR creator, Laura has made over 100 effects on TikTok, including the "My Love Life Tarot" effect, which has been used in 1.5 million videos. In total, her effects have garnered over 11.4 billion views worldwide.
  • @bykasai - Kasai has a background in computer science and a passion for game development. As an effect creator on TikTok, he creates games and immersive experiences for the TikTok community.
  • @eddyin3d - Eddy has over a decade's experience as a 3D motion designer. He's known on TikTok for his dynamic and advanced multi-dimensional effects, like his viral "Tiny Bee" effect, which has been used in more than 558K videos.

Laura Gouillon

Why do you create effects for TikTok?

I create effects on Effect House to make fun interactive experiences that express my personality and that I can share with others. It’s mind-blowing to see people from all around the world using your effect. On top of that, I am fortunate to now also collaborate with brands and creators to bring social media marketing campaigns to life through AR effects on TikTok.

What do you enjoy most about creating effects?

I love how quickly my effects can reach audiences and help people tell stories, have fun, and laugh. The reach and virality potential of publishing effects on TikTok is so rewarding for me as a creator. I can see and engage with audiences that use my effects, as well as benefit from a fast feedback loop. TikTok is how I can share my immersive creations with an audience, just as how filmmakers release films through movie theaters. Without platforms like TikTok, I wouldn’t be able to reach new and existing audiences as easily.

Also, I love how social AR effects on TikTok can be as silly and goofy as you’d like. The goal isn’t to make the perfect game or to make the most realistic-looking 3D objects, it’s to have fun, to start a conversation, and to tell a story in the process.

How has your experience been creating effects?

My experience creating effects for TikTok has transformed from being a temporary hobby to a full-time career. Since I started making AR effects on TikTok, I have created over 115 AR effects on TikTok, which have in total gained over 11.4 billion views worldwide, been shared 44 million times, and have inspired fun new trends while also helping me grow a following of nearly 800,000 members. I’ve progressed from making 2D randomizer effects to creating more complex interactive games and 3D effects, and I’m continuously learning new techniques to grow my skills set even further, all with the goal of helping enable new forms of play and storytelling for audiences.

In addition to making fun personal effects, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with 20+ brands to launch social AR marketing campaigns, and the majority of these brands discovered me and my work through TikTok's For You feed.

@lauragouillon #answer to @__lajessy__ that’s my favorite snack! 🙋🏻‍♀️💖👀 #ar #snack ♬ original sound - Laura Gouillon

Kasai Green

How does creating effects help you express yourself?

Since I was young, I’ve always loved creating games and seeing people enjoy the games I’ve made. With Effect House, I’m able to create gamified experiences and incorporate my creativity and uniqueness into my effects for the TikTok community.

How has your experience been creating effects?

My biggest enjoyment in creating effects is that I get to see the TikTok community have fun with them and interact with them in many different ways.

My effects have been viewed hundreds of millions of times, and the effects I’ve made have been loved and appreciated by many members of the community. The Effect House IDE has also been a blessing as it’s easy to understand and beautifully designed. I’m also very thankful for our community on Discord. I’ve also met many fellow creators, friends and collaborators under the facilitation of the Community Managers who are always ready to help.

How has the TikTok community responded to your effects?

The response from the TikTok community has been overwhelmingly positive. It brings me great joy to know that users enjoy my effects, as I’ll often see their videos with my effects on my For You feed, or they’d leave a nice comment on one of my videos.

Eddy Adams

How does creating effects help you express yourself?

Creating TikTok effects allows me to flex my 3D modeling skills. I love the process of dreaming up an idea, modeling it from scratch, then sharing it with the massive userbase on TikTok.

How has the TikTok community responded to your effects?

The TikTok community loves the high fidelity I bring to my effects. The best example of this is when my effect Tiny Bee went viral. The community used it in so many unique ways. I was especially proud when Ed Sheeran used Tiny Bee and named himself Ed Beeran.

Building effects in Effect House has changed my life. After Tiny Bee went viral, I could talk to anyone who uses TikTok, and they would say, "Oh yeah, I've seen Tiny Bee all over my For You page!" That's a feeling that never gets old.

What do you love most about creating for TikTok?

The entire production process of making TikTok effects is quite enjoyable. Problem-solving while building effects always makes my brain feel accomplished, and seeing how the community uses an effect is the absolute best feeling. It also allows me to flex my 3D modeling skills. I love the process of dreaming up an idea, modeling it from scratch, then sharing it with the massive userbase on TikTok.

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