"Whatup MTV! Welcome to my crib." We've all dreamed about saying the iconic phrase and over the past few months, TikTok creators have been showing off their own socially distanced cribs. Now, we've partnered with MTV to create the #MyCrib hashtag challenge. We've given TikTok users access to official MTV Cribs music and an official logos sticker pack to help them create the perfect tour of their crib. From lavish houses to cozy customized vans, you're invited to check out how TikTokers are living. 

Living on a bus never seemed so luxurious


Did someone say they wanted a tour? P.S thanks for all the love, you guys are awesome 💛 ##fyp ##foryourpage ##travelcouple ##buslife ##vanlife

♬ Details - Jacob Latimore (feat. Calboy)

Perfect for every pool party

Bedrooms count as cribs

Sign us up for a shower room

A unique house by the sea

Tiny house check


TikTok tour: Tiny Home Edition 💗💗 ##tinyhome

♬ original sound - bigdilemma