Theaters might still be closed, but musical fans can find amazing new duets on TikTok! TikTok is known for offering musicians and artists a chance to show their talents and collaborate with one another through the duet feature. When one creator makes a video showcasing a unique song they've written, it's common for other artists to add their own twist or harmony to bring the piece to a new level. This ability to build on art is one of the reasons content on TikTok is unique, engaging and diverse. The musical theater community has stepped into center stage with this format by creating elaborate, multi-part harmonies that are good enough for Broadway - or at least Broadway stars.

Each musical collaboration starts with a creator who writes and performs an original song that catches the attention of the community. 

The original is followed by several duets that each take the song in a unique direction. 


This ##duet with @alexachalnick brought me so much joy 😂 Thanks for bein the best scene partner/writer! ##musicaltheatre ##songwritingchallenge

♬ Alexa Lorax Audition - AlexaChalnick

From there the duet can stay as it is or grow into a multipart masterpiece with each new singer adding a different aspect to the song. That's how a song can go from being a simple duet.

To a quartet

To having over 10 parts.

And if singers don't feel like writing, they can always sing duets with their favorite Broadway songs.


##duet with @nick_t_daly had to jump on this cause Nik and Maddox absolutely smashed it 🔥🔥🔥 ##hamilton ##musicaltheatre ##broadway

♬ original sound - maddox :)

Who knows, the duet might even get the attention of official Broadway show channels.