Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok. They spend countless hours creating content that inspires and brings joy to the more than 1 billion people who are part of the TikTok community. They're pioneers making a positive impact in their local communities, tastemakers whipping up one-of-a-kind creations in the kitchen, and trendsetters originating key cultural moments that are shaking things up in the entertainment industry.

Today we're unveiling The Discover List, an inaugural list that highlights 50 TikTok stars across five different categories: Icons, Innovators, Foodies, Changemakers, and Originators. With this list, we're honoring both the hard work and the passion TikTok creators put into the content they create — and we're giving credit to originators of viral trends while also showcasing the diverse voices on the platform as well as the strength of our community.

And now, without further ado, here are The Discover List creators who are changing the game in their respective lanes — and beyond.

The Icons

These creators need little introductions. They embody trends and culture. They're well known up and down For You feeds and outside of TikTok they’re changing the game for content creators everywhere. They live and breathe TikTok culture and inspire others to do the same. Wondering what hashtags Icons used this year to create swoon-worthy content? Here's the scoop: #GreenScreen, #Foodie, #ColorCustomizer, #Stitch.

  • Bella Poarch, @bellapoarchBella is the world’s fourth-biggest TikTok star with over 81 million followers and counting.
  • Boman Martinez-Reid, @bomanizer: Boman shares comedic skits and his most notable video, "When One of Your Friends Coughs Except It’s Reality TV," currently has over 20 million views.
  • Brittany Broski, @brittany_broski: Brittany took the internet by storm in 2019 with her distaste for kombucha. Since then, she has created content for Comedy Central and MTV, has a number of ongoing brand deals and currently hosts TikTok’s official podcast, “For You Podcast.”
  • Challan, @challxn: Challan has been creating content since she was in high school. All of her hair and makeup skills she shares on TikTok are completely self taught through tutorials and hours of experimentation.
  • Christopher Olsen & Ian Paget, @chris & @ianpaget_: Chris and Ian joined TikTok to pass the time during the pandemic. Their couples' challenges and quick-witted editing quickly swept the community by storm and they gained millions of followers in a matter of weeks.
  • Jay, @flossybaby: Jay is a content creator who specializes in comedy, fashion, and lifestyle. She started on TikTok in April 2020, and became a breakout star with her comedic skits, relatable humor and special appearances from her dog, who she lovingly refers to as her son.
  • Mark Gaetano, @snarkymarky: Mark found his niche on TikTok poking fun at teachers, teacher’s pets, mean “Karens,” and secretaries. In February of 2020, Mark's viral TikTok video imitating teachers on field trips became his trademark post.
  • Tabitha Brown, @iamtabithabrown: Tabitha's unique approach to veganism and her wholesome, comedic personality, has earned her the title “America’s mom.” She draws people in with simple recipes sautéed with compassionate messages, and sprinkled with a pinch of humor.
  • Christina Najjar, @tinx: Christina, aka Tinx, is known as "TikTok’s big sister." In less than a year, Tinx amassed over one million followers on her social media platforms, showcasing her quintessential product reviews, Rich Mom skits, and authentic vlogs.


Innovators are creators who put a new twist on what it means to be a content creator. They are pioneers in their fields and have a unique point of view in their content. They're not afraid to experiment and try something new — like adding creative effects to spice up their content, including this year's popular filters: Green Screen, Color Customizer, Bling Bling, and Disco. They are constantly pushing boundaries, and they inspire millions with their creations.

  • Billy Yue, @8illy: Billy is a generational talent whose impact holds deep roots in music platforms and the For You page on Tiktok: namely with his cardboard art short films, vibe-y music videos, and mood playlists.
  • Devon Rodriguez, @devonrodriguezart: Devon is a New York City-based artist and content creator whose early inspiration came from New York's famed street art scene, which led him to begin practicing graffiti at age eleven.
  • Jasmine Chiswell, @jasminechiswell: Jasmine, a social media content creator and television personality, aims to bring as much joy and happiness to as many people as she can through her unique vintage-themed viral dances and comedy.
  • Science Akbar, Science, an animator, has his famed character appear in blue jeans, a Supreme-esque hoodie, and a yellow crown in every video on his channel, whether he’s starring in a music video, a storytime-style animation, or a quick joke based on trendy audio.
  • Maddi Winter, @maddiwinter: Combining animation and dance, Maddi continues to break barriers in the TikTok world while inspiring others to spread positivity.
  • Parker Locke, @parkerlocke: Parker is a 20-year-old self-taught 3D and visual effects (VFX) artist who is best known for recreating scenes from popular movies and TV shows.
  • Piff Marti, @piffmarti: Shaquille, aka Piff Marti, is a New York-based rapper who got his first taste of acclaim after his series of self-produced music videos went viral on TikTok in April of this year and has since built a cult-like following.
  • Wisdom Kaye, @wisdm8: Wisdom is a 19-year-old who is changing the men’s fashion conversation as we know it. Wisdom has come to notoriety through his fresh and unique take on men’s fashion by challenging hypermasculinity with a comedic bend.


Our Foodie creators are taking viewers on mouthwatering adventures on the For You page. They're driving food-inspired hashtags including #Food, #Cooking, #FoodTikTok, #Recipe, and #Baking, starting a modern day food movement on TikTok. These creators aren't just making food, they’re creating masterpieces. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all adding their own creative spin on cuisine — and it’s all delicious.

  • Gabrielle Williams, @gabby.jaye: Gabby is the original "Disney food series" creator who takes foods from beloved classics and brings them to life through artistic talent and culinary skills.
  • Hajar Larbah, @moribyan: Hajar began her passion for cooking and baking to explore her North African roots. From fusion recipes to popular restaurant remakes, Hajar loves sharing her personality and love for all things food with others.
  • Ana Regalado, @saltycocina: Ana originally started posting recipes on TikTok with the goal of making a visual cookbook for her children, so that they would always have "mom in the kitchen" no matter where they were.
  • Jessica Woo, @sulheejessica: Jessica went viral on TikTok after posting videos assembling beautiful DIY bento-style lunches, complete with a note for her three children.
  • Robert Lucas, @thesweetimpact: Robert is an IT professional turned talented cake artist. He is known for his fantastical artistry, modeling cakes after iconic pop culture references like Nike Air Jordans, Beauty and the Beast, Space Jam and more.


Creators who speak up and speak out, advocate for others, and stand for something: we call them Changemakers. From educating their followers, advocating for change or covering news, these creators push themselves and others every day to learn something new and to do better for the world. And the community is here for it, too. This year, over 50,000 videos were created using #MakeBlackHistory, #DeafTikTok, #WeAreAPI, and #FreetoBe.

  • Alexis Nelson, @alexisnikoleAlexis Nikole sings and cooks her way through teaching her audience about wild edible plants, their history, and their cultural significance.
  • Shirley Raines, @beauty2thestreetz: Shirley founded Beauty 2 The Streetz, a nonprofit whose aim is to bring essential services and beauty to the homeless, all with a personal touch.
  • Joel Bervell, @joelbervell: Joel is committed to fighting health disparities in medicine through education and regularly shares insights on racial disparities and biases in healthcare.
  • James Jones, @notoriouscree: James is a Cree dancer from Tall Cree First Nations and a full-time youth worker who shines a light on cultural awareness about Indigenous communities.
  • Remi Bader, @remibader: Remi is a 26-year-old curve model whose realistic clothing hauls – where she reviews popular fashion brands, often copying models’ poses and exposing the size discrepancies seen across brands – have taken TikTok by storm.
  • Ebony & Denise Nunez, @team2moms: Ebony and Denise are a two-mom family who create engaging TikTok videos as a way to connect and inspire the youth of the LGBTQ+ community.


Originators are the creators who create the trends we live for. They created the hashtags. They started viral dances, sounds, aesthetics and more. They could be considered the heart of TikTok – they have a finger on the pulse of culture and they continue to make content that is iconically #ForYou.

  • Antoni Bumba, @antonibumba: Antoni is a non-binary content creator dominating multiple niches by their notorious pop culture parodies, astrology hot-takes and daily unfiltered vlog-style videos. Antoni is known on TikTok as the originator of "The BBL Effect" trend.
  • Antonio Neville, @heytonytv: Antonio is a self-described goofy kid who has always dreamt of entertaining the world through laughter. He created the Quarter Brick High series on TikTok, bringing laughter and joy across the world with his creative and witty comedy.
  • Jalaiah Harmon, @jalaiahharmon: Jalaiah is a 16-year-old Georgia native, known as the original creator of the Renegade dance. Jalaiah has since worked with countless artists and brands on various projects and campaigns, including Netflix, Samsung, Prada, and Warner Brothers.
  • Katherine Florence, @katieflorence: Katie is a content creator who began creating TikTok videos during quarantine as a way to share relatable content and comedic skits with others. On TikTok, she enjoys making people laugh, and is the creator of The Kouncil.
  • Keara Wilson, @keke.janajah: Keara is a dancer and choreographer who creates and shares dance videos on TikTok for fun. She created the popular Savage dance to Megan Thee Stallion's hit song.
  • Makayla Did, @makayladid: Makayla is a content creator passionate about music, acting, entertainment, family, motivating others, and following her dreams. She coined the now iconic sound "Girl, Don't Do It...I Did It!" on TikTok.
  • Wayne Mears, @natures_food: Wayne is a content creator known for the Nature's Cereal trend. He was born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica where he developed a passion for leaves, fruits, and nature.
  • Ronald Michel, @rony_boyy: Rony aims to spread love and positivity while impacting communities through his art of dance. As the Originator of Mob Dance, he was a nominee for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Artist and Creator Collab alongside Natasha Bedingfield.
  • VANO 3000, @supvano: VANO 3000 is a TikTok creator who is behind the [adult swim] trend and also crafted the beat that made it go viral. Today on TikTok, he creates both beats and humorous videos and also shares lifestyle content.
  • Tracy Joseph, @tracy.oj: Tracy enjoys creating fun, simple dances, and sharing them on TikTok. She has originated several dance trends that have taken the platform by storm — the most recent being her original choreography to "Woman" by Doja Cat.

  • The creators on The Discover List are just getting started. Whether they’re shaking up the food industry, sparking change, or defining what it means to be an innovator, an icon, and an originator, these creators are the driving force behind culture, both on and off TikTok. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

    TikTok is a unique place because of our incredible community, so the process for choosing creators for the inaugural version of The Discover List was also community-driven. Creators were nominated by our community team. We then looked at which creators made a significant impact on the app and started trends and meaningful conversations over the last year. Measurement levers included but were not limited to: engagement, views, video creations, account growth, likes, interactions with followers, and also which creators and content have sparked conversations both on and off the app. To see more about The Discover List, visit