TikTok is home to videos of all styles that feature creators expressing themselves and some of these users have developed a talent for visual storytelling. With only a few seconds and limited equipment, they can build scenes with multiple camera shots and actors all while sitting alone in their room. Other users take their camera on the go and frame everyday life in a way that draws the eye in and helps us look at life in a unique way. These creators (extremely short-filmmakers) help inspire a community of artistic individuals to create the cinematic side of TikTok.

Long nights as presented by @lastmanstanley

@Thisaintjay turns a single room into a scene with multiple shots and actors


Imma need my mom to finish this paint these random spots annoying 😭😭 ##comedy ##foryou

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

Beautiful shots of a train ride


I went on a 11 hour train ride for this video... Stick around for the loop 😉 ##cinematics ##aesthetic ##foryou

♬ original sound - khalildaterra

Growing up in the blink of an eye

Life moves pretty fast

Academy award winning animated short Paperman gets a real life recreation

Looking at the airport differently


I ❤️ airports!

♬ PTD - Rejoicer

What does this horror short mean? You decide.


what do you think of the ending? (Repost since this took me 6 hours to make lol) ##bwfshorts ##shortfilm ##shortfilms

♬ WTH was that about BWF Short Film - brettwilliamsfilm