Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, friends, food and…TikTok. When else will you have Grandma, Rover, and that weird but lovable uncle you never talk to all in one place? It’s the perfect meme waiting to happen! 

To help kick off a weekend of feasting and TikTokking, we’ve created several Thanksgiving-themed visual effects and stickers that can be utilized to add a little holiday spirit to your videos. The new effects include the "TikTok Party Turkey,” "Thankful,” "Munchies,” and several turkey day stickers.

The TikTok "Party Turkey" is a holiday favorite that's making its return to the app. This time, it's coming-out-of-the-oven-hot as a fully-3D augmented reality character that imitates your every move. Party Turkey will move with you whether you hit the w

The "Thankful" effect lets you customize a label describing the people and thin

The "Munchies" effect shows crumbs falling from your mouth,

To access effects, simply 

  1. Tap the plus icon to create a video
  1. Tap effects
  1. And select one of the following icons 

Use these effects to bring an extra dash of Thanksgiving to your content and don't forget to add #Thanksgiving to your vide