We want our users to have their best experience online, which means being able to create and have fun while feeling safe and comfortable. This post is part of our Community Well-Being series that aims to educate users on how to customize their TikTok experience using the various safety, privacy, and well-being tools available to them.

TikTok thrives on positivity and creativity from users who make content, comment, and interact with the community. Encouragement and good vibes keep the app an enjoyable experience for everyone. However, occasionally users can engage with others in a negative way that violates our community guidelines and falls into the category of bullying. As an active TikTok member, there are several things you can do to combat harassment if you see it in the app. From reporting to blocking, we've given you the tools to take charge of the situation.

Reporting a User

If you feel someone is harassing you or otherwise being inappropriate, please report them so our moderation team can review and take appropriate action.

To report a troubling account:

  • From the profile of the problematic account, tap on the 3 dots in the top-right corner
  • Choose “Report” and follow the on-screen instructions

To report an inappropriate video:

  • Tap on the sharing arrow on the video page (just above the music icon)
  • Choose “Report” and follow the instructions to best identify why you are flagging the content.

Blocking a User

We encourage users to follow the community guidelines and treat their fellow TikTok users with respect. If someone violates these rules by bulling or harassing you, you can block that users in addition to reporting them. When you block a user they will not be able to contact you, view, or interact with any of your content.

To block a users:

  • Go to that user's profile
  • Tap the [...] in the top right corner
  • Tap "Block" and confirm

Additional Resources

Beyond the tools TikTok has provided, here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

  • ConnectSafely: A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy, and security.
  • WiredSafety: A nonprofit providing innovative and effective tools to help young people make wise choices in a world of media and technology.
  • OnguardOnline.gov: A program of the Federal Trade Commission that provides practical tips from the government and technology industry on protecting against internet fraud.

TikTok is committed to keeping our users safe from targeted harassment or negativity and we encourage every user to do their part in keeping the app a positive place for self expression. For more information on TikTok's tools, please see our Safety Center.