Vice's This Must Be The Place is the new show that dives deep into the unknown on TikTok. Host and TikTok Enthusiast Daren Girdner takes viewers through different creators and communities on the platform, showing off lesser known videos that highlight unique topics. In this first episode, Girdner looks at what we all love: getting things for free. Like really - free. He’s going to be diving deep into foraging, dumpster diving, and turning old things into new things (in unexpected ways).

Foraging on TikTok offers viewers a look into the art of collecting food from the wild and helps explain why it is important. In the episode, Alexis Nicole (@alexisnicole), explains how foraging has been a part of the black experience in America since their arrival and shares what the practice means to her as a black woman. Gabrielle (@chaoticforagare) also helps dispel the notion that food picked from outdoors is somehow lower quality than what might be found in the store.

Creators show the many ways to find free stuff including dumpster diving and upcycling on TikTok including:

  • Anna Sacks - @thetrashwalker - showing off the high quality, unused goods she finds while dumpster diving.
  • Justin Davies - @jdisjustin - demonstrating how to upcycle a block of wood he found on the side of the road.

Free stuff is all around us and with the help of the foraging, dumpster diving, and upcycling communities on TikTok, we can learn to spot unique, useful finds in our environment. And don't forget to check out more with the hashtags #ForageTok, #DonateDontDump, and #Upcycling.

You can check out the second episode of "This Must Be The Place" at Vice Video on November 22nd to see Daren Girdner dive into the "Mesmerizing Mundane." He'll peek into the soothing strange things we can’t look away from!