TikTok is a major source of music discovery for our community, who use the app to find new music every day. Which is why, for the launch of his newest album Wonder, Shawn Mendes is publishing 'A World Of Wonder' on TikTok. This fourteen-piece TikTok content series reflects back on his personal journey while writing and recording the album. 

The series gives fans a glimpse into Shawn's personal life. Each video is set to a song from the album with footage of sunsets and snowfalls to scenes cuddling and dancing with Camila. Videos were shot by Shawn and a unique compilation of fan videos discovered on TikTok.

Fans can find these intimate videos by searching #Wonder on the discover page. They're also invited by Shawn to use the tracks to create their own videos showing off how Mendes's music inspires them in their daily lives. 

"When launching Wonder, I knew TikTok was where my fans could feel that they were a part of the process, to feel that they were creatively contributing to the album," said Shawn Mendes. "I can't wait to see how they're inspired by 'A World Of Wonder' and to discover what they create."