New Years Eve is time for celebration, remembering a year that's ending, and fireworks. Lot's of fireworks. Few things are as mesmerizing and exciting as the quintessential display of celebratory explosions in the sky. As you count down the end of the decade, here are some fantastic fireworks posted to TikTok to help you ring in the new year. 

Fireworks from a drone's eye view


DRL Pilot ShaggyFPV takes flight over fireworks insanity. Watch til the end 🎇 #drone #fyp #fireworks

♬ original sound - droneracingleague

Explosions in and out of focus


fireworks make me feel like a kid again, and i don’t want to grow up

♬ I Can't Handle Change - Roar

Fireworks and lightning

A classic fireworks show in Dallas

Behind the scenes of the big finale


#fireworks #fourthofjuly #firedepartment #finally department gets to light our towns fireworks 😊

♬ The Nights - Avicii

The parking lot view we all remember

Slow motion for the win


type “i hate fireworks because” and let your keyboard finish the sentence 💥 #foryou

♬ original sound - kayla.fletch

They look so small from above


Enjoyed watching the fireworks from the plane

♬ build me up buttercup by ash - iownayellowbelt

Just some explosions in the sky

Dock side display