What makes TikTok special is that you are not only given a space to be creative, but also celebrated for your authenticity in all its forms. On TikTok, you get to exhale and be yourself. Now more than ever, where we continue to see the vulnerability of LGBTQ+ rights, it’s important to us that the LGBTQ+ voices and stories of those who are pushing forward acceptance for all and helping to create a world where everyone has the right to be who they are and love who they love, are shared, seen and heard. TikTok #MyPride will be a weeklong celebration of a community that is advancing self-love and intersectional inclusivity, while inspiring others around the world to do the same. 

To honor those creators who are paving the way in the LGBTQ+ community, today, in collaboration with FLAUNT, we are announcing the inaugural TikTok Trailblazers. The TikTok Trailblazers are 25 LGBTQ+ creators who are defining what it means to embrace self-pride and live their lives to the fullest. From creators redefining their identities and breaking stereotypes, to musicians and athletes pushing boundaries, these honorees have been nominated by their fellow creators for being at the forefront of the next wave of digital entertainment, while using their platform to make a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

TikTok Trailblazers who are trailblazing the way for TikTok's LGBTQ+ community in 2020 are:

  • Alex - @gothboithrift: Alex uses TikTok to talk about his identity as a transgender male and increase visibility of the transgender community on TikTok.
  • Aoife Tobin - @rcoveringhetero: Aoife uses her platform to help those that need support as they come out and explore their identity. 
  • Dr. Austin Chiang - @austinchiangmd: When Austin is not saving lives, he uses TikTokto spread accurate health information to his followers. Austin loves using TikTokbecause it's given him a creative outlet that he doesn't normally have in his line of work.
  • Benji Krol - @benjikrol : Fans fell in love with Benji when he became the face of the soft-boy trend on TikTok and enjoyed following his love story with fellow TikTok star, @jeyjeygardi. 
  • Boman Martinez-Reid - @bomanizer: Boman's hilarious, unique comedy spreads joy across TikTok. He uses TikTok to help bring together his community of followers.
  • Collins O - @thatboycollins: Collins uses TikTok to be more creative and wants to utilize his influence to help others. Collins thinks it's important to encourage others to share their pride because it's important for other individuals in his community to see people like him.
  • Christian Salib - @christiansalib: Christian Salib is unapologetically himself on TikTokand fans love it: ”I rock my style on TikTok. That shows people you can wear whatever you want, you can do whatever you want. Some of my content is a little risky but at the end of the day - who cares?”
  • Crissa Jackson - @crissa_ace: As one of the first females to play on the Harlem Globetrotters, Crissa doesn't let stereotypes define her and she uses TikTok to inspire others and show young LGBTQ+ people that they can achieve everything they dream of.
  • Cristian Dennis - @cristiandennis: Cristian isn't afraid to show off his style, relationship, & true-self to his followers. He teaches his fans about the importance of authenticity: "Before I was hiding who I was but being myself on TikTok means the world - I get to fully be myself."
  • Denise and Ebony - @team2moms: Denise and Ebony, along with their beautiful three children show young LGBTQ+ fans what amazing futures can look like. They are role models to not only LGBTQ+ people but to people of color, as they understand the importance of representation in all forms.
  • Enoch True - @enochtrue: Enoch uses TikTok to encourage fans to be comfortable in their own skin and understands the importance of sharing personal LGBTQ+ stories on the platform.  
  • Everett Williams - @ameverettwilliams: Everett has revolutionized fashion content on TikTok through his unique style and by creating a new format for showing off outfits.
  • Isabella Avila - @onlyjayus: Isabella expresses herself through her content in a manner that uplifts and encourages her audiences to feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • Isaiah Howard - @isiahxavier10: Isaiah uses his voice on TikTok to make a difference and inspire change. He uses his unique comedy style to spread positivity and love.
  • Juwan Gutierrez - @misocolorful: Juwan uses her platform to provide visibility to the trans community by spreading information and raising awareness about being transgender.
  • Kane Caples - @Kaneacaples: Kane is a non-binary skater who is working to make the skate community more accepting and a safer place for queer people. On TikTok, Kane uses their platform to talk openly about the queer community.
  • Lou - @laurajeanjacket: Lou has become a pillar of acceptance for young LGBTQ+ kids who may be lacking acceptance in their day-to-day lives.
  • Maia - @mxmtoon: Maia, better known by her artist-name: mxmtoon, achieved viral success on TikTok when her song "Prom Dress" was used as the soundtrack for over 500k videos. Since then, she has used TikTok to explore her identity.
  • Matt and Beau - @probablythis: Matt and Beau have been lovingly appointed as TikTok's "Gay Uncles," as their DIY and home-decorating content reach new fans. While there are many cis LGBTQ+ men onTikTok, Matt and Beau's approach to interior design, cooking recipes, and wholesomecouples content gives a younger LGBTQ+ audience an example of a happy and healthyrelationship they can aspire to.
  • Nathan Piland - @nathanpiland: Nathan uses his platform to encourage others to love themselves and realizes his responsibility on TikTok to educate users on the importance of LGBTQ+ culture.
  • Sarah Lugor - @shrekdumpster: Sarah, who is both a TikTok Creator Ambassador and TikTok Trailblazer, uses TikTok to accept herself and create visibility in her community.
  • Stephanie Sutto - @stephaniesutto: Stephanie uses TikTok as a platform to show support for and share education on LGBTQ+ topics. Her profile has become a resource for LGBTQ+ creators to learn more about their community and find important information.
  • Syd - @punker_irl: Syd has become one of the faces of the LGBTQ+ community on TikTok and uses his content to break down gender stereotypes and norms.
  • Terrell and Jarius - @terrell_jarius: As a married African American, millennial, LGBTQ+ couple, and parents to two toddlers, Terrell and Jarius are amazing role models to young LGBTQ+ fans who can see what a healthy, happy, LGBTQ+ family looks like. 
  • Tyler Gaca - @ghosthoney: Tyler, a TikTok Creator Ambassador as well as a TikTok Trailblazer, uses his unique, comedic voice encourage others to "live their truth."

The foundation of TikTok has always been about providing a place for people to express their ideas through creative, joyful and thought-provoking content. The result is a vibrant, global community that celebrates and embraces diversity and self-expression. The TikTok Trailblazers embody this spirit and to find out more about each of them, head to FLAUNT.

To further provide a space for our community to explore their own creativity and authenticity, TikTok #MyPride will feature special LIVE streams co-hosted by TikTok Trailblazers and special guests, including Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko and more, every night this week, starting at 5 p.m. PST. Tune in to the Discover tab for line-ups, posted daily through the #MyPride banner. 

Additionally, we've designed a new series of #MyPride creative effects – including Pride Polaroid, Rainbow Eyeshadow, Rainbow Sparkles, Pride Flag Cape, and Rainbow Ribbons. Join TikTok and our LGBTQ+ creators in supporting and celebrating the community by adding an effect to your video. 

As the  coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines continues to impact those who are most vulnerable, including many in the LGBTQ+ community, TikTok is also donating $3 million to LGBTQ+ organizations that provide resources, support, and shelter, among other important necessities, to this community. Even during a crisis that requires us to keep our distance from others in our community, we can support each other throughout. Consider adding a Donation Sticker to your videos in support of the following organizations:

  • GLAAD is the world's largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization
  • SAGE is a US nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of LGBT elders
  • The Trevor Project is the largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ young people in the US

The problems created by the pandemic are too big for any one individual or group to tackle, and needs will vary by community. Advocating for the needs that exist and sharing how you are helping can inspire others to action as well.

We hope you join us for #MyPride as we share LGBTQ+ stories, explore intersectional creativity and authenticity, and celebrate acceptance and self-love. To our LGBTQ+ community: we see you, we hear you, and we celebrate you. 🌈


Happy Pride Month! Introducing our lovely 25 TikTok Trailblazers to celebrate ##mypride

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