On TikTok, effects drive culture. They spark joy, inspire creativity, and ignite trends.

Last year, we launched Effect House - a desktop effect creation platform that empowers anyone to create effects for TikTok. Since then, effects built by our growing community of effect creators have made an enormous impact across TikTok, shaping trends, sparking connection, and powering creative storytelling.

To inspire continued creativity with effects and make effect creation accessible to more of our global community, we're introducing a new, mobile effect creation experience.

Now available globally, TikTok's mobile effect editor allows creators to make effects for TikTok directly from the TikTok app - without having to download another app or tool - offering creators an advanced, end-to-end effect creation experience on TikTok that puts effect creation at your fingertips.

That means anyone - no matter their skill level or access to advanced tools or software - can become an effect creator and make effects that spark trends on TikTok.

Creating effects on TikTok

To create effects on TikTok:

  1. Open the Effects tray
  2. Go to the Create tab
  3. Tap on the plus (+) button
  4. Add an object to start creating!

You'll need to update to the latest version of TikTok to get started (v32.1 on Android, v32.0 on iOS).

What's possible with creation on TikTok

With TikTok's new mobile effect editor, you'll enjoy a simple, intuitive interface packed with advanced features that put effect creation at your fingertips. You'll find an array of special effects you can add to your creations with just a tap. And, just like with Effect House, you can work with all kinds of templates that allow for easier effect creation and more than two thousand assets you can use as part of your creations

Creators can also set triggers (like tap screen, smile, wink, and more) to build out interaction-based effects like randomizers and mini games.

Keeping safety and inclusivity at the heart of effects

We prioritize safety so that our community can create and engage with fun, authentic and inclusive effects.

Effects that violate our Effect or Community Guidelines will be removed. We also remove effects that we find are being used in a way that violates our Community Guidelines. While we proactively identify and remove violative effects, our community can also report effects they believe are not in line with our policies using the 'Report Effect' feature. We know that effects on TikTok are used by a broad audience, and so out of an abundance of caution, some effects, such as those depicting alcohol, may not appear in the Effects tray.

What's next for effects

Our hope is that effect creation on TikTok makes it easy for more people to get started creating effects, no matter their level of experience or access to advanced tools. We'll continue innovating the effect-making experience on mobile and desktop and expand our library of templates, Effect House functionalities, and effect development tools so that creators feel empowered to create and share their effects with TikTok's global community.