Kwanzaa, the seven day celebration of African heritage, unity, and culture, is here and TikTok users are sharing their holiday knowledge and experiences. Through educating the TikTok community on the meaning day and the celebratory traditions that accompany them, these creators are showing off the holiday they love. Take a look and enjoy the celebration of Kwanza. 

Happy Kwanzaa!

Umoja means unity


Habari Gani? Umoja! Today is Umoja! Which means Unity! #winterbreak #kwanzaa #black

♬ original sound - jarennickerson

Some more Umoja lessons

Kwanzaa check!

Kujichagulia means self-determination


#joyouskwanzaa #kujichagulia Today we light the candles representing Kujichagulia or Self-determination

♬ Kwanzaa day 2 Kujichagulia - the_savage_lokius