When TikTok users see a new creative effect, they imagine all the ways in which that effect can be used. Their creativity to go beyond what is expected can turn a simple feature into a top trend. That's how the viral "Hand Gestures" trend started. Using this effect, users create impossible scenes where they play multiple subjects interacting with each other. Using timing, imagination, and a heaping dose of patience, they have elevated reinvented the purpose of an old effect.

The hand gesture feature can be used to make a simple photo montage

Create a scene with yourself


I am currently questioning why I use this app... it is 3 am and I’m hitting myself in the face with a cheese quesadilla...

♬ original sound - itsaidenbrovold

Or use the images to create one long picture

You need precision and timing to get it right

It's worth the effort


I threw a shoe at myself like 100 times for this

♬ Hard Times by Paramore - janapaige

Don't be scared to give it a try