The thriving #FilmTok (17.8B views) community has become the place to connect with fellow movie fans and industry partners, cast Oscar predictions, and review and recommend the best movies of the year. With the increasingly popular hashtag growing by over 2500% in the last year alone, this community's influence on entertainment and the film industry can be seen in the entertaining, creative, insightful, and educational videos created throughout the year, and especially during awards season.

TikTok is a place where all aspects of the film and entertainment industry come together, earn recognition, pull back the curtain, and share their acting chops with an audience. As the 95th Oscars approach, we're taking a deeper look at the impact the #FilmTok community has had on the entertainment industry at large. And to find out who TikTok thinks will win Best Picture, check the Oscars Hub by searching "Oscars" within the app, where users will be able to cast their vote to predict this year's big winner.

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#FilmTok at the Oscars

TikTok creators are a valued part of the 95th Oscars coverage both on and off the platform. Creators like Bobbi Miller (@theafternoonspecial) attended the official nomination ceremony, and self-proclaimed "movie guy" Juju Green (@straw_hat_goofy) joined Good Morning America's Oscars panel following his outstanding commentary on the nominations in January. Reece Feldman (@guywithamoviecamera), now a red carpet staple, has already created multiple trending TikTok videos with nominated actors.

The #FilmTok community has also welcomed industry professionals, including martial artist Andy Le (@andyle_official) and prop master Josh Bramer (@propmasterjosh), who worked on the 11-time Oscar nominated film Everything Everywhere All at Once. They've taken to TikTok to share behind-the-scenes footage and stories of what it's like to work on an Oscar-nominated film, connect with a new community, and interact with fans in a way that's only possible on TikTok. Foley artist Sanaa Kelley (@reelfoleysound), is also a #FilmTok favorite; the four-time Emmy winner shows unique glimpses of what it's like to create sound for film and television, an essential part of the filmmaking process that many fans don't know about.

The Next Generation of Film Commentary

The #FilmTok community holds a reverence for awards season, sharing fashion predictions and commentary on award nominees leading up to Hollywood's biggest nights. Creators like Joe Aragon (@cinema.joe) offer their predictions and thoughts on nominations and winners, noting any probable results and helping viewers fill in their Oscar brackets.

Over the past year, the films nominated for the 95th Oscars have developed an enthusiastic fanbase on the platform. TikTok was a huge part of making #everythingeverywhereallatonce (741.2M views) the phenomenon it is today. It received early praise from members of TikTok's film commentary community who were able to attend some of the earliest screenings. Creators helped generate buzz for the film as it went from festival to limited and eventually national release. A24 even leaned into the popularity on TikTok by providing sounds from the film that inspired trends including movie reactions, showing viewers' emotional reactions to the movie and appreciation for the ground breaking AAPI cast. The film has been closely followed as a frontrunner in multiple categories throughout the 2023 award season.

Overall, the nominees for Best Picture this year have each seen significant commentary and video creation with their corresponding hashtag having millions if not billions of views, encouraging viewers to seek out each film either in the theaters or on screen at home. This includes #topgunmaverick (3.7B views), #allquietonthewesternfront (349.9M views), #avatarthewayofwater (9B views), #thebansheesofinisherin (38.3M views), #elvismovie (2.3B views), #everythingeverywhereallatonce (741.2M views), #thefabelmans (30.6M views), #tár (33M views), #triangleofsadness (49.4M views), and #womentalking (12.1M views).

Film studios have also leaned into TikTok in fun and creative ways to engage with the community around some of the films nominated for Best Picture this year.

Oscar-Nominated Music on TikTok

One way the community expresses their creativity and love for film is by creating videos using music and sounds from their favorite movies. Several Best Picture nominees and Oscar-nominated songs had major moments over the past year on TikTok.

  • Turning Red: The success story of Best Animated Film nominee Turning Red demonstrates the undeniable impact of the FilmTok community, who helped the film's fictional boy band 4*TOWN earn a real-life hit, when "Nobody Like U" trended on the platform to the tune of 855k creations. The flurry of TikTok activity helped "Nobody Like U" reach #49 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earn a Gold certification from the RIAA.
  • Black Panther: Global superstar Rihanna returned to music with the breathtaking "Lift Me Up," a beautiful tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. Nominated for Best Original Song, "Lift Me Up" generated over 500k videos on the platform, many detailing creators' emotional reactions to the film.
  • Elvis: Baz Luhrmann's extravagant Elvis had an innovative soundtrack that paired modern stars, including TikTok community favorites like Måneskin and Nardo Wick, with music from the King's catalog. Doja Cat's "Vegas" (540k+ videos), which sampled Big Mama Thornton's version of "Hound Dog", became a go-to song for a wide variety of upbeat videos.
  • Top Gun: Maverick: Last year's summer blockbuster and Best Picture nominee Top Gun: Maverick inspired a series of trends that shined a spotlight on music from the film. Lady Gaga's Best Original Song nominee "Hold My Hand," generated over 100k videos from those who wanted to express their love for the film or their significant others. The TikTok community also helped elevate OneRepublic's "I Ain't Worried" (202k creations)–and lead singer Ryan Tedder's Top Gun-inspired facial hair–to the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The release of Top Gun: Maverick also generated a renewed wave of excitement for music from the 1986 original. Berlin's number one hit "Take My Breath Away" (270k+ videos) and Kenny Loggins' rocker "Danger Zone" (170k videos) appeared in videos by those who loved the film, especially those who love (and are married to) Miles Teller and his character Rooster.

No matter who you're rooting for to take home the Oscar, be sure to tune in and see how #FilmTok is celebrating the #Oscars. And keep track of which movie the TikTok community favors winning Best Picture by searching "Oscars" on TikTok to see the in-app Oscars Hub.