Ed Sheeran is previewing his brand-new single 'Eyes Closed' exclusively on TikTok. Live now, the single is lifted from Ed's final album in the numerical series, 'Subtract'.

Ahead of its official release on March 24th, Ed is giving fans around the world the opportunity to listen to a clip of the single and use it in their video creations on TikTok.

The 6-day exclusive TikTok preview launches with Ed posting a duet video singing along to an acoustic performance of 'Eyes Closed'.

@edsheeran #duet with @Ed Sheeran I’ll keep dancing with my eyes closed… #NewMusic ♬ Eyes Closed - Ed Sheeran

Ed has been posting on his official TikTok channel @edsheeran about his upcoming new album. A body of work that goes back to his singer/songwriter roots, and one that was written against a backdrop of grief and hope, Ed worked on the album with Aaron Dessner (The National).

Ed has seen huge success on TikTok, with 13.4 million followers and 145 million likes. His live premiere of 'Bad Habits' at the TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Show in 2021 broke the record for the biggest LIVE music performance on TikTok with over 5.5 million unique viewers globally. 'Bad Habits’ also became the most popular song preview ever on TikTok - setting yet another record - with over 1.1m video creations.

@musicontiktok Attention all @edsheeran fans 📣 Ed’s new song “Eyes Closed” is now available exclusively on @tiktok ♬ original sound - MusicOnTikTok