This week on TikTok, creators got introspective with deep thoughts, rocked into October, and went fast. Will Smith joined in on the fun with some high level editing and we take a closer look at a user who's using her musical talent for memes.

Top Video Trend of the Week

TikTok users contemplated the unanswerable questions in life with the "deep thoughts" trend. Set to a contemplative sound, people posed questions with no answer, leaving all of us to wonder silently to ourselves.  

Weekly Worth a Watch

  1. When squirrels attack!
  2. Will Smith arrives on TikTok.
  3. Even easy drawings can be hard.
  4. Did you now cup blowing was a skill? We didn't.
  5. When your backup beeper goes out.


When incredible talent and humor join forces, it means a unique channel with impressive videos. Rena combines her musical abilities with hilarious memes to make content you can't see anywhere else. She's been playing piano and taking singing lessons since she was 6 and hopes to attend a musical conservatory for college to pursue a career in classical voice. Check out her profile to take a deeper look into Rena's musical life so far.

Top Hashtags

#Rocktober: Jamming our way into fall

#GottaGoFast: Sometimes you just need to get there