Zaya Perysian (@zayaperysian) is a Black trans woman who creates educational videos to help de-stigmatize the lives of trans women on TikTok. Zaya has transparently documented her full transition process, highlighting her struggles and obstacles, and inspiring her community along the way.

What does it mean to you to be part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Personally, I view being part of today’s LGBTQ+ community as a symbol of the past. Being able to live openly and share my lifestyle on social media has made me forever grateful for the trailblazers that came before me. Black & brown queer people paved the way for what the LGBTQ+ community has become today, and without them, I’d have nothing. Therefore, being part of this community means that I am spreading their legacy while living my truth.

What inspired you to start your journey on TikTok?

It's hard to find people who share their full trans journey on TikTok. With my transition, I wanted to be completely transparent so people can see the truth, know what you actually need to go through, and understand that everything turns out okay. I want to inspire people and let them know how I live.

Why do you think it's important to see this kind of content on TikTok?

There are so many people who are ignorant about trans people. There are a lot of stigmas and stereotypes about trans women. When someone sees someone like me and I don't fit their mold, they understand we are human and live just like anyone else.

How has the TikTok community inspired you?

TikTok has shown me all sorts of things I’ve never seen before. There have been countless individuals that have come across my For You Page and changed me for the better. Because of TikTok, I’ve been inspired to be more authentic, be more unapologetic, and just be me.

What is your favorite TikTok video that you've created and why?

This video is my favorite for many reasons. For starters, it shows part of my recovery process after undergoing gender-confirming top and bottom surgery. This is something that most people don’t get to see. I take great pride in knowing that I am helping people learn about the transition process. It’s not all flowers and roses.

This video also highlights my strength and the things I’ve done to feel valid in my identity. I’ve had countless people reach out and tell me that it is one of the most educational videos they’ve ever seen regarding transgender surgeries, and that puts a huge smile on my face.

What are some of your passions on and off of TikTok?

I enjoy educating people on trans issues. I also have a passion for traveling, spiritually, art, acting, makeup, and helping trans youth in need.