At TikTok, we love uplifting creators on our platform. Through our Creator Spotlight Series, ongoing features highlighting our trendsetting creatives, we're able to showcase the innovative talent we see on the platform each day.

Next up in the series is @trendycurvy, a creator setting the standard for creative and authentic content. Kristine's passion for plus size fashion and her message of loving yourself at any size shines through in every video. From recreating celebrity outfits for people with her body type to sharing body positive affirmations and uplifting messages for her community, Kristine continues to spread positivity and inspire others with her authentic content. Read more from Kristine below as she dives into her journey on TikTok, her inspiration, and her advice to those starting out.

How did you get started creating on TikTok, and what was the first TikTok video you shared/published?

I got started on TikTok as a way to further showcase women that look like me. I wasn't doing much video content at the time and loved how different the platform was. My first video was a fun video to make light of quarantine since it was such a daunting time.

Why do you think TikTok is the right platform for your content or why do you continue to create and share on TikTok?

I love how real and raw TikTok is. Video is the purest form of content and you can really connect on a deeper level, unlike with just photos. My content is centered around loving yourself at any size, so TikTok gives me the opportunity to be my authentic self.

What is your favorite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favorite video is actually one that has also gotten the highest amount of views. I've always been frustrated with how society/the media portrays women of a certain size. Larger women are often seen as very insecure and that couldn't be further from the truth. So, I did a video to show the difference between how we are viewed versus how we actually are, which is confident, & stylish. That video has over 5.2 million views.

What lights a fire in you?

What lights a fire in me is overcoming the odds. We as Black people have so many statistics and percentages and road blocks that come against us that, when we win anyways, when we exercise black excellence anyhow, there is no feeling like it.

What Black historical figure inspires you?

There are way too many Black icons who inspire me to name just one. But if I must, I would say that it is the woman that is the epitome of beauty, class, grace, poise, education, and execellence and that is our forever first lady Michelle Obama.

Any advice for new creators?

Be yourself! There is no one in the world like you and TikTok thrives on originality. There are so many unique accounts on the platform that there is sure to be an audience & community that can relate to your content.

What does being a Trailblazer mean to you?

It is such an incredible honor to be a Trailblazer. I don't view myself as someone that blazes trails, just a girl trying everyday to love herself while sharing that journey with others. I think it more represents the women of whom I give a voice to and the community that I have created.

Who are some Black creators that everyone should be following/watching?

Black creators we should be following are everyone on the Black Trailblazers list – I've even discovered some new people that I wasn't familiar with. We are all so different, so creative, so unique.