At TikTok, we love celebrating diverse creators and cultures we see on the platform each day. Next up on our Creator Spotlight Series is an amazing creator working to break stereotypes and shed light on the beauty of her heritage to everyone she meets.

Check out Janette Ok, known on TikTok as @inmyseams. Janette is a proud Korean American focused on diversity and size inclusivity in the fashion and beauty space. Her videos showcase her passion for fashion and beauty hacks, while educating her community along the way. Read more below about how Janette's heritage has impacted her life and time on TikTok and how she supports other creators online!

How has your culture influenced or shaped you?

Growing up as a second generation Korean American with immigrant parents was not easy in a upper middle class white suburban neighborhood. We experienced a lot of discrimination and racism just by the way that we looked. My parents had to work 2 to 3 times harder than everyone else because they didn't speak the same language or look the same to try and gain the respect of those around them. However, this story is not an unfamiliar one. As I grew older and more passionate about my culture and upbringing, I met many men and women who shared a very similar story to me. Knowing that I wasn't alone was very comforting but it also made me want to amplify my voice to those who may not have had the same education and treated people who look like me kindly.

How do you celebrate the diversity and strength of the API community?

The API Community is so diverse and colorful! We're such a versatile group of men and women who come from rich backgrounds and histories. To be able to represent even 1% of that is an honor but also using my platform to celebrate the other's in my community is a lifelong goal of mine.

What Does API heritage mean to you?

API heritage is a celebration of our ancestors and their dreams. There are so many men and women who have sacrificed their dreams so that we, the API community, could be recognized today in this capacity. Being a part of the API community is an honor but also a stepping stone for the generations to come before me to feel empowered to not shy away from who they are and unapologetically walk this earth with confidence!

How has the TikTok community inspired you?

TikTok has reshaped the landscape of social media. It has taken all of us back to the authenticity of content creation. The community of diverse men and women on the platform who are just themselves each and every day inspires me to continue to discover who I am and celebrate who I am becoming.

How do you support other creators in the API community and who are some API creators that everyone should be following/watching?

Some creators that inspire me are: @thekoreanvegan, @YourKoreanDad, @GlowwithAva, @Nabela, @Chunkysdead, and @Alanchikenchow. I Love seeing Asian American Pacific Islander women and men in every space and industry. What it looks like to support other creators in this community is amplifying their voices, empathizing when we experience a win or a loss as a community, and putting my money where my mouth is and supporting businesses owned by the API community.