TikTok supports creativity and originality though our platform and have seen videos from every stage of life find success on the app. However, college students in particular have shown that they can make authentic, relatable videos with a ramen noodle budget. From showing off the dorm life to getting ready for game day, collegiate content has a home on TikTok.

College life can be seen in several trending hashtags that have appeared on TikTok's explore page this semester. Trends like #College101 and #DormLife show the daily struggles of a college students living in close quarters with each other. It's an experience that students across the country can relate to no matter what university they attend. Hashtags like #CollegeFootball highlight big events that are worthy of celebration while tags as simple as #college have been used to post musings about life at any institution of higher learning.

A quick transformation turns this dorm into a home.

Bama football checks in for another day at the office.

Part of what helps a college campus become a thriving TikTok community is a campus ambassador. This semester, TikTok's campus ambassadors across 100 campuses are creating moments on campus to make their fellow classmates day! They're hosting trivia and karaoke nights, scavenger hunts, and handing out trendy TikTok merchandise. Campus ambassadors go the extra mile to organize these events to support the app and empower their classmates to capture and showcase their creativity, knowledge and moments that matter at their university. They also have their finger on the pulse of TikTok, taking part in trends and posting content that resonates with their college. This video from Isaiah Thomas, a TikTok ambassador from the University of California, Irvine, shows the daily struggles of trying to get a good nights rest with a full course load, work, and social life:

Kira Shannon, TikTok College Ambassador from Rhodes College, gives a #college101 tip for car use.

Jonas Jacobson, TikTok College Ambassador from Davidson College, knows better than to think light coursework will last the whole semester.

In support of the higher education, TikTok is teaming up with Thurgood Marshall College Fund to give away at least 20 scholarships up to $10,000 each to students at HBCUs. Students will have a chance to receive a scholarship by making a TikTok video that showcases their school spirit. To kick off the scholarship, TikTok and Warner Records are also throwing a concert series at HBCU universities across the United States. Students have until 11/13 to create a video and scholarship winners will be selected based on the creativity of their video. No matter who wins, we hope students will take this chance to show love for their universities like in this video from our Spelman College ambassador.

College can be challenging and stressful, but TikTok gives students an outlet to show off their creativity and be their authentic selves. We hope this alleviates some of the pressure on their shoulders and makes the college experience a little more positive. With university specific videos, we hope TikTok will continue to bring students together while our ambassadors create events that will make their day.