In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, we're celebrating the history and resilience of the Jewish community and its widespread impact on U.S. culture. Our #JewishTikTok creators educate and inspire millions year-round with storytelling and advocacy that shines a light on Jewish heritage.

As we celebrate #JewishTikTok throughout the month of May and beyond, we're honoring our creators for their work uplifting and championing the Jewish community on TikTok, whether it's through singing traditional Jewish melodies or posting educational content that drives awareness around Jewish heritage. Follow each of these creators to be inspired by their stories and learn more about the #JewishTikTok community.

#JewishTikTok Creators to Watch

  • @barrettpall, Barrett Pall - Barrett Pall is a Jewish queer life coach and advocate, who creates educational and empowering content with a bit of sass. By the time Barrett was 30, he had traveled to all seven continents doing anthropological work, which he now uses to discuss everything from climate change to fighting queerphobia and misogyny. In 2016, he hiked 800 miles on the PCT, which changed his life forever, and solidified his deep love for our planet. In 2019, he was profiled at the United Nations General Assembly, where he explained the importance of Antarctica and our need to protect our water sources, which is also what his most viral video is about. He welcomes you to join his TikTok family known as the "Love Army."
  • @batshevahaart, Batsheva Haart - Batsheva Haart is a lifestyle creator from NYC. She is also known from her family’s Netflix docuseries My Unorthodox Life. She shares videos about fashion, life, and everything in between.
  • @dahliaraz, Dahlia Raz - Dahlia Raz is an imperfectionist artist. She creates surreal, fun art to make people excited to be alive and to create their own art too. She is a Jewish, Israeli-American creator based in Boston and regularly works in New York and Tel Aviv. Dahlia loves to bring her culture and traditions to the work she creates. Examples include a menorah for Hanukkah made of toy frogs and laser cut Judaica.
  • @Dr_inna, Inna Kanevsky, Ph.D. - Dr. Inna Kanevsky is a community college professor in California who got on TikTok to make videos for her online classes and became a go-to person for psychology fact checking. In the early '90s, she came to the United States as a Jewish refugee from post-Soviet Ukraine. Her experience with antisemitism there and her secular Judaism inform a lot of her TikTok content today. Currently, she is investing a lot of effort into supporting the independent Ukraine, where she would have never expected to see a Jewish president years ago.
  • @realadamrose, Adam Rose - Adam Rose is an actor and creator who has appeared on countless TV shows and makes relatable comedy videos in his iconic blue cardigan. As a classically trained performer, Adam combines his love of acting, singing, and dancing to create viral trends, making him a true staple on the platform.
  • @tinyjewishgirl, Clara Perlmutter - This Manhattan-based fashion content creator, makeup artist, stylist, and collector uses TikTok to document her self-expression through personal style. She inspires people to be themselves, love themselves, and express themselves on a daily basis. Clara recently graduated from NYU with a degree in cultural criticism and creative writing, and has written a full-length vampire novel set in NYC, which she intends on publishing in the near future.

Supporting the Jewish Community Year-round

We're mindful that honoring Jewish American Heritage Month requires not only celebrating talented creators but also continuing to foster a space where they feel welcomed to share their culture and creativity. We take a hard stance against bullying, harassment, and hateful behavior on TikTok. This year, for Holocaust Remembrance Day, we partnered with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and UNESCO to provide the global TikTok community with tools to learn about the Holocaust and combat antisemitism. You can read more about our efforts here.

Celebrate with #JewishTikTok

Throughout the month, follow along with our in-app programming to celebrate the legacy and impact of the Jewish community.

  • #JewishTikTok - Content and creators come together under one hashtag dedicated to providing an easy way to watch, click, read and learn about Jewish communities, their culture and rich history.
  • #JewishFood - Matzoh balls, babka, challah, hamentaschen, and more — follow along with #JewishFood to learn more about mouthwatering dishes and traditional recipes from our creators.
  • #JAHM Music Playlist - Enjoy the sounds of Jewish artists on our Sounds Page, where we have playlists live in-app featuring singer-songwriter Ben Platt.