By Sean Kim, Head of Product, TikTok US

"Alexa, open TikTok!"

Today, we're excited to share that we've collaborated with Amazon to launch an Alexa skill for TikTok that gives users the ability to explore and create videos on the TikTok app, by simply asking Alexa on their mobile device.

To get started, users who make requests via the Alexa app, Alexa Built-in phones or Alexa mobile accessories such as Echo Buds can say, “Alexa, open TikTok.” With the Alexa skill for TikTok on mobile devices, users can ask Alexa to launch some of their favorite features on our platform, from searching for videos to exploring sounds and recording video. 

This is yet another way we're making our app accessible to more users, empowering their creativity, and imagining new ways for users to engage with our platform. 

For creators, added functionality like hands-free video recording opens up a world of possibilities for the creation process. No need for camera timers or a production buddy - creators can now ask Alexa to hit record for them by saying, “Alexa, ask TikTok to start my recording.”  

For viewers, quick video searches and music exploration will make it easier than ever to find content and sounds from across our platform. The next time you're baking a sweet treat and want to look up your favorite foodie TikToker's recipe for homemade chocolate chip cookies, you don't have to wipe the flour from your hands to tap away at the search bar on your phone. Just ask Alexa to track down the video for you by saying, “Alexa, ask TikTok to search for chocolate chip cookie recipes.” 

We're always exploring new product features, effects, and tools that make it easy to create and explore videos on our platform. Our Alexa skill for TikTok is another exciting way we’re improving the app experience for our users, and we're excited to see how it inspires new kinds of creativity on our platform. 

You can find more information about Alexa for Apps here.