• Digital Literacy edition of the TikTok Wellness Hub will serve as a one-stop portal of resources on minor safety and combatting potentially dangerous online challenges to drive safer online experiences for all
  • Within the Hub, TikTok users in Singapore can tap into videos, quizzes, and scenario-based learning content to strengthen knowledge on how to best guard themselves against potential online harms
  • In conjunction with the launch, a live panel discussion titled 'Going Viral: Success or Sus?', featuring Minister of State for Education & Social and Family Development, Ms. Sun Xueling, partners and creators, set to discuss how we can create a comprehensive support system for youths to make safer choices online

  • Singapore, 25 February 2022 – TikTok, a leading destination for short-form mobile video, today launched the Digital Literacy Edition of TikTok Wellness Hub, as part of its ongoing commitment to empower users to leverage the available in-app safety features to protect themselves and others online, whilst still enjoying the benefits of the digital world.

    The TikTok Wellness Hub anchors all of TikTok's educational and support initiatives around mental wellbeing and cyber wellness, providing a one-stop portal for users to access helplines to various non-profit organisations as well as draw strength from personal lived experiences and recovery journeys shared by the TikTok community.

    With the Digital Literacy Edition, the Hub seeks to raise awareness around the available tools and steps to better protect minors online as well as provide guidelines on how users can take informed and preventative responses to guard themselves against potentially dangerous online challenges. Over time, the Hub will continue to be an evergreen repository of information that will continue to be updated with new educational information to tackle new digital issues as they evolve.

    "Creating safe spaces online has always been a big part of our continuous efforts to protect our community's wellbeing. This means providing our users with the freedom to express their creativity and authentic selves, whilst ensuring that they are well-equipped with the right tools and resources to navigate these evolving digital plains safely," said Ms. Teresa Tan, Head of Public Policy at TikTok Southeast Asia and Singapore. "TikTok will continue to work closely with the government and non-profit organisations to raise awareness of digital safety. This includes doubling down on our educational efforts through initiatives like the Digital Literacy Edition of the Hub to make resources more accessible, engaging, and useful for young people."

    The Digital Literacy Edition of the Hub brings a series of new engaging content to make the information comprehensive, accessible and easy-to-digest across all age groups.

    • Under 'Watch Out!', users will be prompted to think about the consequences of creating content that could bring harm, be exploited by others, or perpetuate unhealthy habits through scenario-based learning features. This section will also equip users with the knowledge of how to best respond to such content, including how they should go about reporting them to TikTok to keep the community safe. There will also be minor safety quizzes to allow users to test their knowledge of TikTok's Community Guidelines, and keep the platform a positive space for all.
    • Under 'Shield Up!', users can learn digital safety tips as well as better understand TikTok's Community Guidelines from a series of educational videos specially created in collaboration with local TikTok creators, including We Kay Poh (@wekaypoh), Zoe Chu (@sgsupernanny), and Jeanette Qhek (@chillbynette). All users are welcome to participate in the #thinkb4youdo hashtag and create their own wellness content on how they can play their part to protect themselves and others online.

    TikTok has also strengthened its policies against dangerous acts and challenges to help prevent such content from spreading online. As part of its ongoing work to help users effectively recognise harmful challenges and hoaxes, TikTok in collaboration with online safety experts, has developed four helpful steps to encourage users to #thinkb4youdo when assessing content online - stop, think, decide and act. Users will automatically be directed to these steps if they search for keywords related to potentially dangerous trends.

    Additionally, TikTok has worked alongside online safety experts to improve the language used in its warning labels to users who attempt to search for content related to harmful challenges or hoaxes. A new prompt will encourage users to visit TikTok's Safety Center to learn more, and should people search for topics linked to suicide or self-harm, TikTok will also display additional step-by-step resources dedicated to these areas.

    In conjunction with the Digital Literacy Edition of the Hub's launch, TikTok also hosted a LIVE panel, 'Going Viral: Success or Sus?' on Friday, 25 February 2022, 8-9PM via TOUCH Community Services' social media platforms, as part of TikTok's ongoing partnership with the organisation. Moderated by TikTok Creator Mr. Ian Jeevan (@ianjeevan), the panel featured Minister of State Ms. Sun Xueling, Head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness, Ms. Joanne Wong, and Co-founder of SGFamilies, Ms. Carol Loi, where they discussed how young people, especially minors, can be empowered to make informed decisions about posting or reacting to potentially harmful content online. The panel also addressed how parents, guardians, and educators can kickstart more open conversations with their teens on digital literacy, whilst highlighting how the local community can come together to collectively support youths in making safer choices online.

    Access the Digital Literacy Edition of the Wellness Hub on TikTok or visit https://bit.ly/tiktokwellnesshub to find out more about TikTok's ongoing mental wellbeing and cyber wellness initiatives for Singapore.