For small business owners, there will never be enough time in a day to take on the world. They’re the CEOs, the accountants, the social media managers, and the foundations of our communities. They have enough tasks on their to-do lists, and figuring out how to make creative TikTok ads is no longer one of them.

Through a challenging year, we've seen small businesses touch the heart of our communities, and are always looking for new ways to help them share their inspiring stories with the TikTok community.

Building on this mission, TikTok is proud to partner with Canva - one of the world's leading visual communications platforms - to streamline publication to TikTok Ads Manager using its creative solutions and capabilities. This partnership makes advertising on TikTok even easier, allowing small businesses to create more content that resonates with the TikTok community and save time.

Innovative Australian success story, Canva, will help small businesses who are advertising on TikTok streamline two main areas of their marketing process - ad production and creative.

Ad creative is more seamless thanks to Canva's library of 50 TikTok ad templates, constructed to ensure brands are "always on" across TikTok while reducing the time and cost it takes small business owners to design creative from scratch. Canva's ad templates, coupled with the Publish End Points tool, will bring ease and simplicity for creators by empowering them to natively publish visually compelling content directly to TikTok to engage with our community in a natural and authentic way.

"Since day one, Canva's mission has been to empower the world to design by democratising access to traditionally complex and expensive tools. We're incredibly excited to be integrating with TikTok and levelling the playing field for content creators and small business owners to develop really authentic, engaging and visually compelling content with Canva's simple platform and ever-growing library of templates," said Kate Marsden, Canva's Partnership Marketing Lead.

Small businesses are already experiencing tangible impact from these creative tools, and are sharing it with the TikTok community. "For someone who has no marketing or design experience, the Canva platform made it simple and easy to create high quality content for my ads with many templates to guide me through the process," said Bondi Blades founder Ali Clarke. "It's given me the confidence to create powerful ads without the cost of a marketing agency."

Canva is now an official TikTok Marketing Partner, joining TikTok's growing roster of badged partners who are pioneering forward-thinking solutions for marketers. It is one of the first brands to be badged under TikTok's all-new Creative Tools subcategory of Creative Partners, helping brands produce creative assets that leverage TikTok's best practices.

"Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and we're always thinking of new ways to help them create, connect and thrive on TikTok," said Brett Armstrong, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, TikTok Australia and New Zealand. "We are truly excited to partner with an innovative Australian business like Canva who shares our passion for creative, authentic and meaningful brand marketing. This integration not only saves time and streamlines creative processes, but yields tangible results for small business owners looking to reach new audiences after such a challenging year."

TikTok is committed to helping small businesses recover and flourish, and we're excited to partner with Canva to offer new, creative solutions to help them find their communities - and customers - on TikTok.