Women continue to write - and rewrite - history making significant social, economic, cultural and political change around the world. Whether showing the world the ways they are creative, unbeatable, powerful and savvy, such as breaking down gender inequalities and speaking up in the name of their sisters i.e @drewafualo, TikTok has become the destination for women-led creativity and inspiration unlocking new opportunities for women to share their stories, opinions and experiences with the world.

This International Women's Day (IWD), March 8th, we celebrate these moments as well as some of the extraordinary women worldwide who use their creativity and passion to positively impact the global community on TikTok and beyond.

Celebrate her story

On TikTok, women find ways to navigate challenges by supporting one another and exchanging tips on #CareerTok for negotiating better benefits and higher wages, sharing self-care routines, and promoting their small businesses.

Here's how you can join in and follow along with the dialogue for #InternationalWomensDay 2022.

Tune in to a special LIVE to mark the day

On International Women's Day 2022, we will be hosting a special 3-hour LIVE steamed event, bringing together trailblazing creators from Australia, New Zealand and around the world in an inspiring series of conversations to mark this important global moment. Hosted by the hilarious and talented Melanie Bracewell, these intimate, entertaining livestreams kick-off at 7pm AEDT / 9pm NZDT on March 8th via the @tiktok_Australia account. Here's who's joining us:


  • Melanie Bracewell (@meladoodle) Melanie is a Kiwi-born TV personality, scriptwriter and award-winning comedian, who hosts Network Ten's The Cheap Seats. Known on TikTok and beyond for her spot-on impressions of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Melanie has her followers in stitches.

Speaking on the stellar line-up of creators joining her for this International Women's Day event LIVE on TikTok, Melanie said: "International Women's Day is such a unique time, it's so nice to hear women speaking about their own experiences. All of the women in this live event are so inspirational, for so many different reasons. Here I am, the comedian who makes silly jokes on TV somehow in amongst them! That feels very special."

Special guests:

  • Drew Afualo (@drewafualo) Drew is a fast rising US creator, known as the crusader of women on TikTok with her content that critiques the misogynistic messages that are shared by men in the media. Her videos reach millions of views as she empowers women and girls to stand up against anti-feminist comments.
  • AJ Clementine (@ajclementine) AJ is a trans advocate who creates videos sharing her experiences to her massive TikTok audience of 1.8M. She is also a successful commercial model working with high profile brands on fashion and beauty campaigns.
  • Ellie Gonsalves (@ellie_gonsalves) Ellie is an Australian supermodel and wildlife conservationist. She works alongside the Irwins at the Australia Zoo, is an ambassador for Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and uses her presence on TikTok to educate people on conservation and the environment.
  • Jazz Thornton (@jazzthornton_) Jazz is a truly inspirational woman, who won Young New Zealander of The Year in 2021 after she turned her struggle with mental health into a voice of support for young people going through a similar experience. She's written three books sharing her experience, is the co-founder of the suicide prevention organisation, Voices of Hope and was commended by Queen Elizabeth II for her work in mental health.
  • Aretha Brown (@_enterthedragon_) Aretha made headlines following her speeches at both the 2017 and 2018 Invasion Day Protests in Melbourne as she addressed 50,000 people calling for the date of the national holiday to be changed, and fighting to make Indigenous history education mainstream. She went on to be the youngest ever person to be elected as the Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament, and the first woman to hold this position. Aretha is now a practicing artist and comedian, taking influence from her home in Melbourne's western suburbs.
@tiktok_australia Catch @Melanie Bracewell’s chats with @Drew Afualo and other iconic women for #InternationalWomensDay ♬ original sound - TikTok Australia

Shop and discover local women-owned businesses on TikTok

From small business tutorials to order fulfillment videos, female entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world turn to TikTok to share a window into their workshops, shopfronts or boardrooms, and in turn reach an engaged and passionate community. While we celebrate their achievements, we continue to recognise that there is so much more we can do to lift them up and eliminate the gender disparities that persist. We invite our TikTok community to be inspired by small businesses proudly owned by local women including:

  • Napoleon Wear (@emlucin) - A true tale of side hustle turned into a fully fledged business, swimwear and lifestyle brand, Napolean aims to encourage people to wear their personality. With the tagline "Be Bold. Be Unique. Be You", Napolean (a name which was inspired by founder Em Lucin's dog, Mr Napoleon) has undergone business pivots throughout COVID, with Em taking to TikTok to educate her followers on the struggles of launching your own business with no university education, no money and a full time job on the side. She films packing orders, real behind the scenes footage of her home office and shares helpful business tips in a bid to inspire and encourage other female SMB owners. The support received from her audience helped Napoleon grow exponentially in 2021, to where it became a full time business.
  • Beysis (@beysisofficial) - Big believers that "sustainability does not need to come at the expense of good design", the Australian owned team behind personalised lifestyle brand, Beysis pride themselves on supporting social causes and remaining a female owned, sustainable and vegan friendly, with an all female team. So, you can shop a curated edit of trendy, personalised items such as drink bottles, phone cases, vases, nail polish and makeup bags, knowing you're supporting not only women but the environment, AND buying Australian made, too.
  • Contour Cube (@contourcube) - Inspired by her mother's habit of using ice cubes to de-puff skin, Countour Cube founder Sarah Forrai leaned into the skincare trick, taking away the messy and awkward process by creating a product that eliminated the discomfort of melting ice cubes whilst reaping the same skincare benefits. A small container that can be filled with water and other liquids and frozen to later become a facial calming and tightening tool, Contour Cubes is reusable and 100% Australian owned, designed and operated.

Sarah's first video on TikTok reached over 68K people, an incredible response when “no one had seen the product before”. Here videos have gone on to amass millions of views, including this one which currently has more than 2.2M views.

  • My Glow 2 (@myglow2) - Inspired by travels to Turkey and knowledgeable locals, the My Glow 2 exfoliating mitt replicates an ancient exfoliation tool which originates from one of the oldest bathing rituals in the world, the Hammam. The female owned company sources the highest quality materials, and works with top textile engineers in Turkey to craft the highest quality silk exfoliating glove. Crediting TikTok for its exponential growth over the past year, followers love watching the day-to-day of the business with one of their behind the scenes videos accumulating 2.6M views.

To further mark #InternationalWomensDay, throughout March we'll also be programming content for the TikTok Discover Page including #WomenInMusic. Be it an iconic, historic performance or a new artist heard for the first time, share your discoveries and find new favourites with #WomenInMusic.

Join us for #InternationalWomensDay to recognise the diverse, strong, and creative women of TikTok who show us what happens when women win.