Every day, people from around the world are leveraging the power of TikTok to drive their business success. Since 2019, TikTok has helped hundreds of thousands of Australian small businesses grow through exposure to TikTok's large, multi-layered eco-system of creators, allowing them to get acquainted with new consumers, build engaged communities and drive sales.

TikTok provides a unique opportunity for Australian small businesses to build a community of loyal customers and increase the growth of their businesses off-platform. TikTok has launched Business Booms on TikTok; a campaign which celebrates the success that small businesses are having on TikTok by telling the unique growth stories that small Australian businesses have achieved. Whether they are retail, e-commerce, food and beverage, construction or agricultural enterprises, any small business can harness the opportunities on TikTok to build a community of loyal customers and see success.

Lee Hunter, General Manager at TikTok AUNZ said, "At TikTok, we know that small businesses are essential to the Australian community. Every day, people share their unique stories, promote their products and services, and take us behind the scenes as they grow their business. TikTok has the ability to connect people and businesses in a unique and engaging way, by allowing users to find and interact with emerging brands leading to the discovery of new brands and products. We're honoured to showcase the businesses booming and highlight all the successes they've achieved with TikTok."

Kristy Dickinson Wiradjuri Jewellery Designer from Haus of Dizzy said, "TikTok has paved the way for our First Nations fashion to be loved by more people in Australia."

Ali Chebbani, Chebbo added, "What originally started as a bit of fun during COVID-19 has now become my full-time job. I began by posting videos of myself cooking and sharing recipes on TikTok and now I'm about to open a restaurant in Sydney. It is crazy! There is no way I could have achieved this without TikTok as I was able to reach a global audience from my kitchen!"

TikTok has helped countless small Australian businesses succeed. Here are some who are booming on TikTok:

  • @Chebbo (Food & Beverage): Ali Chebbani, also known as Chebbo, is a NSW based burger enthusiast and full-time creator whose love of burgers saw his business rise to fame on TikTok allowing him to open his very own burger joint in south-west Sydney. His recreations of popular fast food items cater to all home cooks, looking to switch up their daily recipes have drawn in nearly 1M loyal followers, who now flood into his restaurant.
  • @daughters_of_india (Retail & eCommerce): With a focus on women empowerment and the importance of enjoying a slow-paced lifestyle, Daughters of India is a slow fashion label that supports the art of handmade and traditional garment crafting methods that have been passed down through generations. Through sustainable and ethical production, the label aims to bridge the gap fast fashion has carved between artisan and consumer, highlighting the artisans and makers and supporting them to continue family traditions for the benefit of their livelihoods and communities.
  • @Haus of Dizzy (Retail & eCommerce): Wiradjuri Jewellery Designer & Queen of Bling, Kristy Dickinson creates bold, playful, statement-making jewellery that celebrates and honours Indigenous culture—imbuing a sense of empowerment and joy within everybody who wears it. Often featuring powerful political and social messages, the Fitzroy based designer found her success on TikTok after starting her business in 2016.
  • @zorali: (Retail & eCommerce) Zorali specialise in sustainable outdoor apparel. Through TikTok, they bring the greatest playground into our homes, inspiring Australians to get out and explore it. By sharing their secrets to a good life and giving it back to the planet, they've built a community of adventurers and loyal customers.
  • @Yasmin Brisbane (Agriculture): Yasmin, also known as the girl with a lot of camels, is the proud owner of a camel farm based in Brisbane, which rose to stardom when she rescued a young camel that'd strayed from its farm and posted it on TikTok attracting more than 8M video views. Since that day, videos of life on her family's camel dairy farm have attracted more than 480k followers, allowing Yasmin and her family to boom in their business field of farm visits and tours.
  • @clothing the gaps (Retail & eCommerce): Clothing The Gaps is a First Nations led and controlled social enterprise based on Wurundjeri Country. On TikTok they voice the conversations that their fashion sparks, inspiring people to wear their values on their tee and live them every day.
  • @siteinspections (Construction): Site Inspections provides professional inspections to Aussie homes. Through TikTok, they expose shortcuts and defects to homes only experts can see. By educating home owners and buyers about what to look out for when exploring purchasing a property, they've made sure they're the team you need to talk to first.
  • @lskd.co (Retail & eCommerce): LSKD is a Brisbane based sportswear brand producing high-quality and functional fashion. Through TikTok, they take their community mission to another level, motivating their followers with workouts, challenges and all around positive vibes. By getting their customers moving, there's nothing stopping LSKD.
  • @Chefs and Dogs (Retail & eCommerce): Chef Daniel started showcasing videos of him preparing fresh gourmet meals for his sick dog and sharing them on TikTok. Resonating with other pet parents, they had over 2M followers in a short period of time. Now a successful owner of a pet food eCommerce business, Chefs and Dogs, Daniel has converted his on-platform success to the real-world.
  • @ContourCube (Skincare): From their very first TikTok video reaching 1M views overnight, the world's first ice facial tool saw immediate traffic and conversions on the website globally, completely selling out the product. Sarah Forrai created the facial tool at the start of the pandemic and could never imagine the instant success for Contour Cube. The tool is a go-to facial tool for Kendall Jenner.