As part of TikTok's global safety campaign #CreateKindness, six TikTok creators from across Southeast Asia unite to discuss the impact of comments and why it’s important to be kind online.

For many around the world, TikTok is a place to let down their hair, express their individuality, and connect with others who share the same passions and interests. Whether it's keeping up with the latest in beauty and make-up trends, discovering the best places to eat, or even picking up a new language, everyone can find their community on the app.

The responsibility of keeping TikTok safe and joyful for everyone who uses the app isn't just the job of one team - instead, TikTok also relies on the millions of users from around the world, including Southeast Asia, who have found a home here. Everyone has a part to play in using the app safely and thoughtfully, while reporting any inappropriate behaviour they see.

To encourage users to behave responsibly online, TikTok teamed up with six popular creators from across Southeast Asia on a video titled, "From Meanies to Goodies":

The video saw each TikTok creator react to comments taken from their videos, ranking them from "mean" to "kind". They also shared the impact each comment had on them - both good and bad. This highlights how while comments may seem insignificant or harmless to some, they can leave a big impact on the receiver and even their family members, as shared by one of the creators.

Regarding tips on how to make TikTok a positive environment, Singapore TikTok creator Jeynelle Ng agrees that both creators and users have a role: “For TikTok creators, you can create things that will not pull down your audiences [but] create positive feelings [instead]. For TikTok users, perhaps you could leave a kind comment or…if you personally don’t have anything nice to say, you could scroll along because you never know what someone is going through.”

"We're constantly making TikTok a safe and supportive environment where creativity can thrive. Through this video, we aim to start more conversations about the importance of creating kindness online through the content users share or comments they post. We truly appreciate our local creators for talking about their experiences on the platform candidly, and we hope that it'll inspire others to think before they post," said Doreen Tan, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok Singapore.

In Singapore, TikTok is going a step further to drive discussions around responsible online behaviour and combating online bullying through its latest #CreateKindness Conversations webinar inviting locals to choose, celebrate, and create kindness with one another every day. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 8PM SGT at @tiktoksg and provide Singaporeans with a first look of the "From Meanies to Goodies" video.

Hosted by writer and youth advocate Jane Zhang, the webinar will feature local content creator and mental health advocate Jeynelle Ng, TikTok's very own Product Policy Manager Beatrice Loh and Head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness, Joanne Wong.

The panel discussion will center on how to counter cyberbullying, highlight the unintended impact this harmful behavior can have, and remind us why it's important that we work together to prevent it, ultimately, ensuring a safe and inclusive community for all.