From creators like @sgsuppernanny who advocates for better sleep and positivity, to @ainlovescode and @karishmairl encouraging other women in tech, women are turning to TikTok to discover new ways to learn and be inspired, as they share their stories, express themselves and connect with a supportive community.

This International Women's Day, we are celebrating the amazing Women who Will continue to make a positive impact on the global TikTok community and beyond through their creativity, passion, and advocacy.

#EmbraceEquity with women changemakers and allies

International Women's Day is an important moment to recognize women's achievements and celebrate women all over the world who forge change. This year's International Women's Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, calling for everyone to actively support and embrace equity by challenging gender stereotypes and discrimination.

The #WomenofTikTok community, which has garnered over 3 billion views globally, brings together a diverse group of women changemakers, pioneers, leaders and allies who are using their voices to break barriers, gender stereotypes and advance women's equity every day. From popular hashtags such as #WomeninSTEM (over 3 billion views) and #WomeninSports (over 1 billion views), to women entrepreneurs and small business owners who use TikTok to start and and grow a business, to women activists dedicated to enhancing women empowerment and gender equality, #WomenofTikTok are supporting and connecting with one another.


  • Women such as @Ainlovescode and @Karishmairl,  who are role models for women and minorities in the tech industry
  • @Adelimey who bravely documents her journey with Alopecia
  • @Andreanaanna uses her platform to raise awareness about autism as she shares videos with her sister Audrey
  • @Doublewks documents her skincare journey while sharing beauty tips
  • @Justkeepthinking makes science digestible and fun, while addressing environmental issues such as pollution and climate change
  • @Charlenechew3005 speaks about her experiences as a burns survivor, while also sharing fitness and mental wellness content

Elevating voices of our diverse women community

As a platform that celebrates creativity and inspires joy, TikTok has unlocked boundless opportunities for women of all walks of life and made it possible for women creators to thrive and grow. Join us throughout this month as we unveil exciting programming and events in Singapore featuring popular creators, and beloved creators and business owners who are inspiring powerhouse women, at our landing page: #WomenofTikTok.

Fostering a safe space for ALL women to create and share their stories

As a platform that inspires creativity and brings joy, we continue to foster a safe space where women from all backgrounds can thrive, including those who have been under represented or underrecognized, by bringing their stories to the forefront. We recognize this is an ongoing journey, and we're committed to breaking down barriers and providing tools to support women on and off the platform with partners and communities around the world.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we are delighted to launch our partnership with The Circle (@thecirclengo), a global feminist non-profit organization co-founded by singer, songwriter and activist, Annie Lennox. Our partnership will focus on supporting grassroots women-led organisations in Africa, Asia and Europe that provide support to economically empower women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence.

At TikTok, our community is at the heart of everything we do. Join us this International Women's Day and beyond as we celebrate and elevate the stories and voices of the strong, remarkable and creative #WomenofTikTok.

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