Oh, hi there!


Greetings that not only kick start conversation...but connection.

Between Creators in Canada and audiences all around the world.

And now, with the launch of our Canada Creators Community

Creators can say hello to one another, too.

Bonjour to tips, tricks, tools and trends.

Oh, hi there to loonies and toonies and career opportunities.

Salut to content that’s authentic and engaging.

(And goodbye to anything that’s not.)

So c’mon Canada, don’t just say eh.

Say hey!

Because there’s a whole community waiting to say hello right back.


Each month we’ll send out our latest announcements through our newseletter to help you stay on top of everything that's happening on TikTok. From tips and tricks to help you make the content we all want, to spotlighting our community, and most importantly, to connecting you with other Canadian creators, the TikTok Canada Creator Community has it all in one spot.

You may even recognize some familiar faces in our kickoff newsletter and in-app programming, @mylessexton @missfiercalicious @glamzillaxo @legendaley @dessyyc @hdnsnotarnd @everything_delish @tiffycooks @kyletheyuan @camehereforthecheetos @kansodesigns @iankewks.

So come say hello!


Say Hello to tips, tricks, trends, and fellow Canadian creators 🇨🇦✨

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