ICYMI, earlier this month TikTok helped reintroduce one of Canada's most iconic pop-culture brands, @Much, to a new generation of music fans. As part of our ongoing Creator Spotlight Series, we'll be highlighting the new MuchMusic VJs, who also happen to be some of today’s most followed and groundbreaking digital creators. First up is Myah Elliott, aka @yomrants. She's the self-proclaimed “Queen of Unpopular Opinions” – but somehow you might end up agreeing with her. The room Myah films her content in? If you've seen her videos you know it's destined to end up in a “Born after 2000 starter pack” meme in two years.

How did you get started creating on tiktok and what was the first video you shared?

My sister was hooked on doing the dance trends and eventually I caved and downloaded it in September 2019. I have privated a lot of those cringe videos since then, but my first official “yomrants” video was unpopular opinions about food. I said I didn’t like Nutella and everyone came at me! 

What do you love most about TikTok?

I love engaging in comment sections. There are users from all over the world giving their opinions and having conversations. It’s really insightful to see what everyone has to say. And sometimes the comments are funnier than the videos - I love it!

What’s on your For You feed right now?

It’s either Marvel content or Doja Cat videos. No in-between. 

How has the TikTok community inspired you?

I love how easy it is to jump on trends. Dance trends, comedy trends, anything! It’s next to impossible to be on that app and not want to make videos. Even when I feel uninspired, my For You Page always has something to get my creative gears turning!

What does MuchMusic and being a VJ mean to you?

To me, MuchMusic means appreciating music! I think everyone has personal connections to music and as a VJ, I am excited to spark new conversations and engage with this huge community of music fanatics! It’s also inspiring knowing that we are reviving such an iconic brand.


stop finding things to cancel and live your life. #yomrants #cancelculture

♬ original sound - Myah Elliott

What kind of music do you like? Has TikTok introduced you to any new artists?

I mostly listen to rap and pop, anything that will hype me up. Doja Cat, Anderson.Paak, and Kendrick Lamar are my top 3 favourites at the moment. TikTok introduced me to ZaeHD and CEO. They had a lot of trending dances in 2019 and they were super catchy. They honestly carried that year for TikTok audios.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

Unfortunately I haven’t been to many concerts, mainly because of the pandemic, but my favourite so far has been Post Malone. He is so talented and I want to see him again soon!

If there is one thing you hope to accomplish as a VJ, what is it?

I really want to open people’s minds to other music tastes as well as mine! There’s a whole world of music around us, and I want to help people discover, and respect them!